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Physical growth from birth to 16 years and longitudinal outcome of the study during the same age period
Physical growth of 212 randomly selected Swedish urban children has been investigated from birth to sixteen years as part of a prospective longitudinal study of growth and development. Twenty bodyExpand
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Allergic Diseases in Swedish School Children
ABSTRACT. The occurrence of allergic diseases in children was studied on the basis of a questionnaire sent to the parents of 20000 school children, 7, 10 and 14 years of age, in 3 parts of SwedenExpand
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Analysis of Linear Growth Using a Mathematical Model. II. From 3 to 21 Years of Age
Karlberg, J., Fryer, J. G., Engström, I. and Karlherg, P. (Departments of Anatomy and Paediatrics I, University of Gothenburg, Sweden and the Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health,Expand
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An evaluation of some models to predict airborne pollen concentration from meteorological conditions in stockholm, sweden
Abstract Statistical models to predict daily airborne pollen concentration from meteorological conditions have been evaluated using several years' data from Stockholm. For Betula pollen values forExpand
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Analysis of Linear Growth Using a Mathematical Model
ABSTRACT. According to the “ICP‐growth model” (ICP=Infancy, Childhood and Puberty components), linear growth during the first three years of life can be represented mathematically by a combination ofExpand
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The Development of Children in a Swedish Urban Community. A Prospective Longitudinal Study
The physical growth was followed longitudinally from birth to 3 years of age in a group of 212 randomly sampled children from the Stockholm urban area, 122 boys and 90 girls. The children wereExpand
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Transcutaneous Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Levels and a Clinical Symptom Scale for Monitoring the Acute Asthmatic State in Infants and Young Children
ABSTRACT. Measurement of transcutaneous PO2 and PCO2 in addition to a clinical symptom grading system wds used to monitor the acute asthmatic attack in children under two years of age. tcPO2 wasExpand
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Respiratory resistance and transcutaneous P  o 2 during histamine provocation in children with bronchial asthma
Bronchial reactivity was assessed in 66 children with bronchial asthma (aged 8–15 years) by provocation with histamine‐HCl during a symptom‐free period. A significant bronchial reaction to histamineExpand
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Psychological and Respiratory Physiological Effects of a Physical Exercise Programme on Boys with Severe Asthma
ABSTRACT. Ten boys 9–12 years of age with severe perennial asthma participated in a physical exercise programme lasting 8 months. Pulmonary function and psychological tests were performed beforeExpand
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The mean age of the best female swimmers in Sweden was around 20 years in 1950 but decreased during the following 10 years to about 15 years of age. Competition results improved during the sameExpand
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