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Does neighborhood matter? Assessing recent evidence
Abstract This article synthesizes findings from a wide range of empirical research into how neighborhoods affect families and children. It lays out a conceptual framework for understanding howExpand
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Sharing America’s Neighborhoods: The Prospects for Stable Racial Integration
Acknowledgments 1 Introduction 2 The Extent and Stability of Racial Integration in the Contemporary United States 3 Toward a Theory of Racial Change 4 Correlates of Racial Stability 5 RacialExpand
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The External Effects of Place-Based Subsidized Housing
Prior research has provided little evidence that subsidized housing investments generate significant external benefits to their neighborhoods. This paper revisits the external effects of subsidizedExpand
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Neighborhood Effects on Health: Exploring the Links and Assessing the Evidence
This article explores the possible causal pathways through which neighborhoods might affect health and then reviews the existing evidence. Although methodological issues make the literatureExpand
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Neighborhood Effects of Concentrated Mortgage Foreclosures
As the national mortgage crisis has worsened, an increasing number of communities are facing declining housing prices and high rates of foreclosure. Central to the call for government intervention inExpand
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Do foreclosures cause crime
The mortgage foreclosure crisis has generated increasing concerns about the effects of foreclosed properties on their surrounding neighborhoods, and on criminal activity in particular. There are aExpand
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The Foreclosure Crisis and Community Development: Exploring REO Dynamics in Hard-Hit Neighborhoods
Since the onset of the foreclosure crisis, many communities have faced a glut of properties that have completed the foreclosure process and are now owned by banks or other mortgage lenders.Expand
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Introduction I. Racial Disparities in Subprime Lending II. Causes of Racial Disparities in Subprime Lending and the Role of Segregation A. Underlying Economic Inequality B. Geographic Differences andExpand
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Race-based Neighbourhood Projection: A Proposed Framework for Understanding New Data on Racial Integration:
This paper outlines the race-based, neighbourhood projection hypothesis which holds that, in choosing neighbourhoods, households care less about present racial composition than they do aboutExpand
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Does federally subsidized rental housing depress neighborhood property values
Few communities welcome federally subsidized rental housing, with one of the most commonly voiced fears being reductions in property values. Yet there is little empirical evidence that subsidizedExpand
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