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Composition and structure of the triacylglycerols ofHippophaë rhamnoides seeds
The composition and structure of the triacylglycerols (TAGs) of the seeds of ripe fruit of the sea buckthorn of the Dar Katuni, Maslichnaya, and Shcherbinka-1 varieties have been investigated with
The number of mini-tubers of potatoes depending on the density of planting micro-plants
The study of the fractional composition of tubers showed that in order to obtain the maximum number of mini-tubers of potatoes, the most valuable fraction for further planting is not recommended to place one plant in a pot.
Application of fertilizing with microbiological preparations “Azotovit” and “Fosfatovit” on pea crops
Abstract. In today’s world, focusing on production of environmentally friendly products: the use of toxic chemicals severely affects not only the environment but also on human health. In this regard,