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Thin AMC Structure for Radar Cross-Section Reduction
A thin artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) structure is designed and breadboarded for radar cross-section (RCS) Reduction applications. The design presented in this paper shows the advantage ofExpand
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Broadband Radar Cross-Section Reduction Using AMC Technology
This paper presents the design, fabrication, and characterization of a planar broadband chessboard structure to reduce the radar cross-section (RCS) of an object. The chessboard -like configurationExpand
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Dual Circularly Polarized Broadside Beam Metasurface Antenna
This paper presents the design of a modulated metasurface (MTS) antenna capable to provide both right-hand (RH) and left-hand (LH) circularly polarized (CP) boresight radiation at Ku-band (13.5 GHz).Expand
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Electromagnetic-Bandgap Waveguide for the Millimeter Range
This paper presents the design, manufacturing, and characterization of a waveguide based on electromagnetic-bandgap (EBG) technology working in W-band. A modified silicon EBG woodpile structure wasExpand
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Dual band RCS reduction using planar technology by combining AMC structures
A dual band chessboard structure to reduce RCS is presented in this paper. Two AMC structures with different working frequencies have been selected to fill the cells of the chessboard. A 180°Expand
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Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Verification of the Scattering From a Ferromagnetic Microwire
This paper presents a theoretical modeling of the scattering of ferromagnetic microwires in free space and inside a rectangular waveguide, providing both an analytical solution and a physicalExpand
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Abscisic Acid Regulation of Root Hydraulic Conductivity and Aquaporin Gene Expression Is Crucial to the Plant Shoot Growth Enhancement Caused by Rhizosphere Humic Acids1
An ABA-dependent increase of root hydraulic conductivity and aquaporin expression mediates the plant shoot enhancement caused by dissolved sedimentary humic acids. The physiological and metabolicExpand
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Coupling Reduction Between Dipole Antenna Elements by Using a Planar Meta-Surface
The mutual coupling between dipole antenna array elements using a planar meta-surface as superstrate is experimentally investigated. The meta-surface is based on grids of short metal strips andExpand
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Microfabrication of 3D terahertz circuitry
Advances in micro-fabrication techniques combined with accurate simulation tools has provided the means for the realisation of complex terahertz circuitry. Silicon micro-machining provides the wayExpand
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RCS Reduction in a Chessboard Like Structure using AMC Cells
The radar cross section (RCS) can be reduced by the combination of perfect electric conductor (PEC) and artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) cells, due to the 180° of phase shift created betweenExpand
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