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Complete denture secondary impression technique to minimize distortion of ridge and border tissues.
A technique has been described with which a physiologic and anatomic registration of the attached and unattached tissue of the denture-bearing areas can be attained. Expand
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Physiologic determinants of primary impressions for complete dentures.
A technique has been described whereby a physiologic registration of the attached and unattached tissues of the denture-bearing areas can be attained. A low-fusing impression wax in conjunction withExpand
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Application of Taguchi Methods to the Production of Integrated Circuits
Taguchi methods were applied to the production of thin RF integrated circuits on alumina. The substrates had 20 via holes of 1 mm in diameter, which led to a perturbation to the homogeneous spread ofExpand
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Anodizing in fluoroboric acid solution
Abstract An anodizing process using 0·1–2·5% HBF 4 at 0–30°C has been developed, for pure Al and Al alloys. The film formed at high c.ds. has a high breakdown voltage/thickness ratio: surface areaExpand
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Comparison of the fidelity of radiographs of mandibular condyles made by different techniques.
Abstract The radiograph is an important aid in the diagnosis of temporomandibular joint problems. A marked difference of opinion exists in the interpretation of radiographs produced by variousExpand
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The effect of thyrocalcitonin and growth hormones on bone metabolism.
  • I. E. Klein
  • Medicine
  • The Journal of prosthetic dentistry
  • 1 April 1975
The use of the hormone, thyrocalcitonin, has been shown to change the bone metabolism so that resorption is decreased and calcium increased. The growth hormone seems to add to bone mass andExpand
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Uses and abuses of the tissue treatment materials
Abstract A clinical study was made to evaluate the ability of the tissue treatment materials to improve the health of oral tissues traumatized by ill-fitting dentures. The ability of the tissueExpand
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Immediate denture prosthesis
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Complete denture impression technique
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