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Observation of Majorana fermions in ferromagnetic atomic chains on a superconductor
A possible sighting of Majorana states Nearly 80 years ago, the Italian physicist Ettore Majorana proposed the existence of an unusual type of particle that is its own antiparticle, the so-calledExpand
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One-dimensional topological edge states of bismuth bilayers
The conducting surface states of 3D topological insulators are two-dimensional. In an analogous way, the edge states of 2D topological insulators are one-dimensional. Direct evidence of thisExpand
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Higher-Order Topology in Bismuth
The mathematical field of topology has become a framework in which to describe the low-energy electronic structure of crystalline solids. Typical of a bulk insulating three-dimensional topologicalExpand
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Proposal for realizing Majorana fermions in chains of magnetic atoms on a superconductor
We propose an easy-to-build easy-to-detect scheme for realizing Majorana fermions at the ends of a chain of magnetic atoms on the surface of a superconductor. Model calculations show that such chainsExpand
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High-resolution studies of the Majorana atomic chain platform
High-resolution scanning tunnelling microscopy measurements show that chains of magnetic atoms on the surface of a superconductor provide a promising platform for realizing and manipulating MajoranaExpand
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Design and performance of an ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope operating at dilution refrigerator temperatures and high magnetic fields.
We describe the construction and performance of a scanning tunneling microscope capable of taking maps of the tunneling density of states with sub-atomic spatial resolution at dilution refrigeratorExpand
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Large-area single-crystal sheets of borophene on Cu(111) surfaces
Borophene, a theoretically proposed two-dimensional (2D) boron allotrope1–3, has attracted much attention4,5 as a candidate material platform for high-speed, transparent and flexible electronics6–9.Expand
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Topological superconductivity induced by ferromagnetic metal chains
Recent experiments have provided evidence that one-dimensional (1D) topological superconductivity can be realized experimentally by placing transition-metal atoms that form a ferromagnetic chain on aExpand
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