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Unjust waters: climate change, flooding and the urban poor in Africa
Many of the urban poor in Africa face growing problems of severe flooding. Increased storm frequency and intensity related to climate change are exacerbated by such local factors as the growingExpand
Mapping the biomass of Bornean tropical rain forest from remotely sensed data
The biomass and biomass dynamics of forests are major uncertainties in our understanding of tropical environments. Remote sensing is often the only practical means of acquiring information on forestExpand
Hydrological investigations of forest disturbance and land cover impacts in South-East Asia: a review.
  • I. Douglas
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 29 November 1999
Investigations of land management impacts on hydrology are well developed in South-East Asia, having been greatly extended by national organizations in the last two decades and exciting prospects exist for the development of better predictions of transfer of water from the hillslopes to the stream channels using techniques such as multilevel modelling. Expand
Man, Vegetation and the Sediment Yields of Rivers
Is it possible to reconstruct erosion rates for past epochs when modern rates of erosion all reflect the hand of man to a greater or lesser extent ?
The impact of selective commercial logging on stream hydrology, chemistry and sediment loads in the Ulu Segama rain forest, Sabah, Malaysia
Three stages of selective commercial logging in a 0.54 km $^{2}$ catchment in the Ulu Segama caused great changes in the output of sediment and water over a 27-month period from June 1988. The ratioExpand
Export of dissolved and undissolved nutrients from forested catchments in Peninsular Malaysia
Abstract Knowledge of rates of nutrient losses is crucial for sustaining the health of tropical forests. Investigations of dissolved and particulate nutrient export from two forested catchments (C1Expand
Recycling construction and demolition wastes – a UK perspective
In England and Wales, the construction industry produces 53.5 Mt of construction and demolition waste (C&D waste) annually, of which 51 percent goes to landfill, 40 percent is used for landExpand
Land degradation, soil conservation and the sediment load of the Yellow River, China: Review and assessment
Ninety per cent of the sediment load of the Yellow River, the world's muddiest river, comes from the loess plateau region in the middle course of the river. Control of this sediment supply isExpand
Peri-Urban Ecosystems and Societies: Transitional Zones and Contrasting Values
Peri-urban areas are the transition zone, or interaction zone, where urban and rural activities are juxtaposed, and landscape features are subject to rapid modifications, induced by human activities.Expand