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Design patterns for secure virtual organization management architecture
The work presented in this paper describes an architecture for a secure Virtual Organization Management framework. This work is taking place in the BEinGRID EU project, which aims to advance the takeExpand
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A fuzzy linear programming model for aggregated production planning (APP) in the automotive industry
Abstract Various Aggregate Production Planning (APP) models have been proposed in the literature to determine company’s production, inventory and employment levels over a finite time horizon.Expand
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Dynamic security perimeters for inter-enterprise service integration
Levaraging the convergence of Grid and Web services technologies, we anticipate the emergence of new business and scientific computing paradigms that are based on dynamic Virtual Organisations (VO).Expand
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Contract performance assessment for secure and dynamic virtual collaborations
In this paper we sketch a framework supporting contract enactment within the context of virtual organisation units that are dynamically created in order to achieve a common objective by securelyExpand
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Toward Web Services Profiles for Trust and Security in Virtual Organisations
The rise in practical Virtual Organisations (VOs) requires secure access to data and interactions between their partners. Ad hoc solutions to meet these requirements are possible, but Web servicesExpand
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Towards Dynamic Security Perimeters for Virtual Collaborative Networks
Rapid technological advancements capitalising on the convergence of information (middleware) and communication (network) technologies now enable open application-to-application communication andExpand
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Policy-driven access control over a distributed firewall architecture
Motivated by a scientific application, where virtual organisations are dynamically created to achieve specific goals by sharing resources and information, we propose the synthesis of two lines ofExpand
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An architecture for dynamic security perimeters of virtual collaborative networks
The convergence of service and telecommunications technology is enabling new and more dynamic forms of virtual collaborations, where networked entities, be them (human) agents, applications, orExpand
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Virtualised Trusted Computing Platform for Adaptive Security Enforcement of Web Services Interactions
Security enforcement framework is an important aspect of any distributed system. With new requirements imposed by SOA-based business models, adaptive security enforcement on the application levelExpand
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Towards a Grid Platform Enabling Dynamic Virtual Organisations for Business Applications
In this paper we describe the demonstration of selected security & contract management capabilities of an early prototype infrastructure enabling dynamic Virtual Organisations for the purpose ofExpand
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