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Gaming on the move: urban experience as a new paradigm for mobile pervasive game design
In this paper, we describe a pervasive treasure hunting game: “Team exploration” based on the Transhumance mobile ad-hoc network platform. Expand
A distributed algorithm for adaptive traffic lights control
In this paper, we address the problem of controlling traffic lights at an intersection with a spatially distributed sensor network. Expand
Proactive Data Replication Using Semantic Information within Mobility Groups in MANET
In this article we propose a distributed data replication algorithm to be used for data sharing in Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANETs). Expand
Adaptive Service Provision in Mobile Computing Environments
We introduce an adaptive service provision platform for mobile computing environments capable of supporting flexible Value Added Service (VAS) provision to mobile users. Expand
A distributed algorithm for multiple intersections adaptive traffic lights control using a wireless sensor networks
In this article, we detail and evaluate a distributed algorithm that defines the green lights sequence and duration in a multi-intersection intelligent transportation system (ITS). We expose theExpand
Fair Comparison of Gossip Algorithms over Large-Scale Random Topologies
We present a thorough performance comparison of three widely used probabilistic gossip algorithms over well-known random graphs that characterize different random topologies. Expand
An Energy-Aware Middleware for collaboration on small scale MANets
— This paper presents an energy aware middleware to support collaborative applications on small scale Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANets) made of handheld terminals. This middleware provides a set ofExpand
Architectural Integration Patterns for Autonomic Management Systems
This paper focuses on the integration of autonomic management resources as a key feature for building complex autonomic systems. Expand
Scenarios for an Autonomic Micro Smart Grid
This paper presents a series of scenarios relative to micro smart grids – district-size “smart” electricity networks. Expand
Transhumance: A platform on a Mobile Ad hoc NETwork challenging collaborative gaming
The goal of the Transhumance project is to devise a software platform to support the execution of collaborative applications in a mobile ad hoc network. Expand