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Salt Glands in the Poaceae Family and Their Relationship to Salinity Tolerance
The Poaceae is one of the most important Angiosperm families, in terms of morphological diversity, ecology and economic importance. Species within this family show a very wide variation in terms ofExpand
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Cytosolic Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Is Phosphorylated during Seed Development
Cytosolic glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (NAD-GAPDH) is involved in a critical energetic step of glycolysis and also has many important functions besides its enzymatic activity. TheExpand
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First Report of Amaranthus hybridus with Multiple Resistance to 2,4-D, Dicamba, and Glyphosate
In many countries, Amaranthus hybridus is a widespread weed in agricultural systems. The high prolificacy and invasive capacity as well as the resistance of some biotypes to herbicides are among theExpand
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Low temperatures enhance the absorption and translocation of 14C-glyphosate in glyphosate-resistant Conyza sumatrensis.
Influence of low temperatures on the glyphosate efficacy was studied in glyphosate-resistant (R) and -susceptible (S) Conyza sumatrensis biotypes. For this purpose, the physiological and enzymaticExpand
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Influence of environmental factors on seed germination and emergence of Iresine diffusa
Summary Iresine diffusa has become more abundant under no-till soyabean in Argentina. The influence of temperature, light, cold-wet storage, osmotic potential, dry storage and depth of seed burialExpand
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Inflorescence Structure in Koyamaeae and its Relationship with Sclerieae, Bisboeckelereae, Cryptagieae and Trilepideae Tribes (Cyperoideae-Cyperaceae)
This paper aims to interpret and characterize the inflorescence of Koyamaeae tribe from the typological point of view in order to establish homologies and promote comparative studies and the use ofExpand
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Factors affecting seed germination and emergence of Gomphrena perennis
Summary Controlled growth chamber experiments were conducted to determine factors affecting seed germination and emergence of the troublesome weed Gomphrena perennis. The objective of this researchExpand
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Mecanismos de tolerancia al glifosato en Parietaria debilis y Petunia axillaris
Fil: Dellaferrera, Ignacio Miguel. Universidad Nacional del Litoral. Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias; Argentina.