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OVERVIEW: Neoproterozoic-Paleozoic geography and tectonics: Review, hypothesis, environmental speculation
The ever-changing distribution of continents and ocean basins on Earth is fundamental to the environment of the planet. Recent ideas regarding pre-Pangea geography and tectonics offer freshExpand
Pacific margins of Laurentia and East Antarctica-Australia as a conjugate rift pair: Evidence and implications for an Eocambrian supercontinent
Evidence supports the hypothesis that the Laurentian and East Antarctic-Australian cratons were continuous in the late Precambrian and that their Pacific margins formed as a conjugate rift pair. BothExpand
An orphaned basement block: The Arequipa-Antofalla Basement of the central Andean margin of South America
The Arequipa-Antofalla Basement, a Proterozoic crustal block exposed along the central Andean margin, provides a key to interpreting the pre-Andean history of South America. New U/Pb geochronologyExpand
Fossil marginal basin in the southern Andes
In the southern part of the South American continent a marginal basin opened behind an active andesitic island arc in the earliest Cretaceous. The basin closed again in the middle Cretaceous, duringExpand
Laurentia‐Kalahari Collision and the Assembly of Rodinia
The Llano Orogenic Belt along the present southern margin of Laurentia, regarded as continuation of the Grenvillian Orogen along the eastern Laurentian margin and exposed in basement uplifts inExpand
Back-arc extension in the southern Andes: a review and critical reappraisal
  • I. Dalziel
  • Geology
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 26 March 1981
The interpretation that the mafic ‘rocas verdes’ (green rocks) complex of the southern Andes represents part of the uplifted floor of a Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous back-arc basin has provedExpand
Coeval Large-Scale Magmatism in the Kalahari and Laurentian Cratons During Rodinia Assembly
Widespread intraplate magmatism during Rodinia assembly shows that mantle upwellings required to generate such provinces may occur independently of the supercontinent cycle. Expand
Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica: Evolution of Gondwana's Pacific margin constrained by zircon U-Pb geochronology and feldspar common-Pb isotopic compositions
The Paleozoic and Mesozoic development and subsequent fragmentation of Gondwana's Pacific margin are recorded in igneous and metamorphic rocks that crop out in Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica,Expand
Mesozoic break-up of SW Gondwana: implications for regional hydrocarbon potential of the southern South Atlantic
Abstract This work provides new palinspastic palaeofacies reconstructions of SW Gondwana incorporating rotation of a Falkland/Malvinas microplate. We discuss the implications of this for the tectonicExpand
The Scotia Arc: Genesis, Evolution, Global Significance
The Scotia arc is the eastward-closing loop of mountains and locally emergent submarine ridges extending from the southernmost Andes through the active South Sandwich volcanic arc to the AntarcticExpand