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Arthropods in contemporary and some fossil resins
A trend towards a decrease in the relative abundance of arboreal springtails and nematoceran dipterans and an increase in that of the true bugs, beetles, lepidopterans, and hymenopterans between the Eocene and the present is revealed.
The Ufimian Stage of the East European scale: Status, validity, and correlation potential
The resolution of the Commission on the Permian System of the Interdepartmental Stratigraphic Committee (ISC) to exclude the Ufimian Stage from the General (East European) stratigraphic scale is
Permian Insects of the Vorkuta Group in the Pechora Basin, and Their Stratigraphic Implications
The results are inconsistent with the hypothesis of considerable age difference between parts of the Vorkuta Group section, although they do not help with dating the deposits within the Kungurian through Kazanian interval.
Jurassic Insects (Insecta) from the Sai-Sagul Locality (Kyrgyzstan, Southern Fergana)
A caddisfly Dolophilodes ( Sortosella ) shurabica subgen. et sp. nov. (Philopotamidae) is described from the Jurassic of Kyrgyzstan, from the Sai-Sagul locality. The ecology and taphonomy of this
An Early Triassic Scorpionfly (Panorpida = Mecoptera) of the Vologda Region
A new scorpionfly species, Mesopanorpodes mostovskii sp. nov. (Permochoristidae), is described from the Lower Triassic of the Vologda region.
The Khasurty Fossil Insect Lagerstätte
In terms of the composition of the fauna and flora, the Khasurty locality is very peculiar, it includes both Jurassic and Cretaceous taxa, but in general it can be attributed to the Jehol biota.
Caddisflies (Insecta, Trichoptera) from the Upper Mesozoic Chernovskie Kopi Locality (Transbaikalia): Part 1. Imago
New caddisfly taxa, Anisocalamus mixtus gen. et sp. nov. (Calamoceratidae) and Palaeorheithrus sibiricus gen. et sp. nov. (Philorheithridae), from the Chernovskie Kopi locality are described based on