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Combinatorial multinuclear NMR and X-ray diffraction studies of uranium(VI)-nucleotide complexes.
The complex formation of uranium(VI) with four nucleotides, adenosine- (AMP), guanosine- (GMP), uridine- (UMP), and cytidine-monophosphate (CMP), has been studied in the alkaline pH range (8.5-12) byExpand
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New trigonal lattice hosts: stoicheiometric crystal inclusions of laterally trisubstituted benzenes—X-ray crystal structure of 1,3,5-tris-(4-carboxyphenyl)benzene·dimethylformamide
New host molecules with a central 1,3,5-trisubstituted benzene ring and rigidly attached lateral arms composed of aryl or arylethynyl and extra functional groups are reported. They are shown to giveExpand
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A novel clathrate design: selective inclusion of uncharged molecules via the binaphthyl hinge and appended coordinating groups. X-ray crystal structures and binding modes of
Etude de cinq clathrates du compose du titre (1) avec des alcools differents: 1.2 MeOH (P2 1 /n, Z=4), 1.2 EtOH (C2/c, Z=4), 1.2 (PrOH-2) (C2/c, Z=4), 1.(RuOH-2) (P2 1 /n, Z=4), 1.ethyleneglycol (P2Expand
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Anthracene Based Bulky Diol Hosts. Crystal Structures of a Free Host and of Inclusion Compounds with Dipolar Guests
X-ray crystal structures are reported of a free host compound 1, comprising two diphenylmethanol terminal groups attached to a central 9,10-ethynyl substituted anthracene unit, and of three inclusionExpand
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The chemical-transformation products of 1,6-dibromo-1,6-dideoxygalactitol and 1,2: 5,6-dianhydrogalactitol in aqueous solution
Abstract After hydrolysis of 1,6-dibromo-1,6-dideoxygalactitol ( 1 ) and 1,2:5,6-dianhydrogalactitol ( 2 ), 11 compounds were isolated, three of them as tritylated derivatives. Their structures wereExpand
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