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Quality of functional movement patterns and injury examination in elite-level male professional football players.
The authors believe that the importance of preventative measures and structural sport specific pre-screening cannot be overemphasized, and that there is a growing need for further transparent research in this field in order to be more effective with regard to programs dedicated to injury prevention and the enhancement players' physical performance. Expand
Motor Skills, Anthropometrical Characteristics and Functional Movement in Elite Young Soccer Players
This study examined functional movement patterns, anthropometrical characteristics and motor skills in elite young soccer players using the well-established Functional Movement ScreenTM systemExpand
Motivation and motivational climate among elite hammer throwers
Summary Study aim: The purpose of the study was to explore the characteristics of the motivational factors and the motivational climate of elite hammer throwers in the most prestigious and mostExpand
The Hungarian Adaptation of the Perceived Motivational Climate in Sport Questionnaire-2 (H-Pmcsq-2)
ABSTRACTThe purpose of the present study was two-fold. Firstly, to determine the construct validity and reliability of the Hungarian version of the Perceived Motivational Climate in SportExpand
The new system of the talent development program in Hungarian soccer
Summary Study aim: due to a series of failures and the drastic reduction in the quality of Hungarian soccer, greater emphasis should be put on coaches’ professional development and talent developmentExpand
Thoughts on running performance at modern soccer matches
The objective of the present study was to explore the international research work relevant on this subject and summarize the findings in relation to endurance running during the game. Expand
New measurement method: Examination of psychological factors with Vienna System among soccer players
The primary aim of this study was to present the different possibilities of measuring and assessing soccer players with the "Vienna System”. The authors also measured sport motivation (SMS) andExpand
Psychological and Anthropometric Characteristics of a Hungarian Elite Football Academy’s Players
Abstract Due to the fact that neither physical nor physiological and anthropometric differences in adolescents can serve as definitive differentiating factors in terms of choosing successful andExpand