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Post-occupancy evaluation - where are you?
This paper provides a historical context for the Probe studies reported in this special issue by describing the stalled development of post-occupancy evaluation (POE) in Britain since the 1960s. It
Which focus for building assessment methods – environmental performance or sustainability?
This paper is a personal response to the Green Building Challenge '98 conference, held in Vancouver in September 1998. It represents an attempt to link together conceptually - and then comment on
The implications of urban sustainability
This paper critically reviews current construction industry practice in environmental assessment, identifying gaps and shortcomings in current approaches when viewed from the wider perspective of
The Watchdogs of Subsidiarity: National Parliaments and the Logic of Arguing in the EU
The 2004 Constitutional Treaty features an 'early warning system' (EWS) in which national parliaments will scrutinize European legislative proposals to assess whether they comply with the principle
A ‘Virtual Third Chamber’ for the European Union? National Parliaments after the Treaty of Lisbon
The Treaty of Lisbon introduces an early warning mechanism (EWM) which empowers national parliaments to intervene directly at the EU level; they may now raise objections to – and even play a role in
Transgressing discipline boundaries: is BEQUEST an example of 'the new production of knowledge'?
This paper places the BEQUEST concerted action (an international project on sustainable urban development) within the context of the discussion that has arisen, within the last decade, about the
A yellow card for the striker: national parliaments and the defeat of EU legislation on the right to strike
ABSTRACT In May 2012 national parliaments of the European Union (EU) issued their first yellow card under the Early Warning Mechanism of the Treaty of Lisbon. A sufficient number of them raised
Parliamentary Oversight of the EU after the Crisis: On the Creation of the 'Article 13' Interparliamentary Conference
  • I. Cooper
  • Political Science, Economics
  • 8 August 2014
Article 13 of the Fiscal Treaty (2012) foresaw that the European Parliament and national parliaments of the EU would convene a conference to “discuss budgetary policies and other issues covered by