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Reliable Knowledge: An Exploration of the Grounds for Belief in Science
Preface 1. Grounds for an inquiry 2. Unambiguous communication 3. Common observation 4. World maps and pictures 5. The stuff of reality 6. The world of science 7. Social knowledge Index.
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Revolution in Science
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The Birth of a New Physics
The scientific revolution of the 17th century dethroned the "common-sense" physics of Aristotle and established a powerful "grand design". The story of one of the greatest advances in human thoughtExpand
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The Newtonian Revolution
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Hypotheses in Newton’s Philosophy
Isaac Newton’s scientific thought is all too often presented as if it had been dominated by a single philosophical slogan: Hypotheses non fingo! The scholars who have applied this expression to allExpand
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Intellectual Mastery of Nature: Theoretical Physics from Ohm to Einstein. Volume 1, The Torch of Mathematics, 1800-1870; volume 2, The Now Mighty Theoretical Physics, 1870-1925
We may not be able to make you love reading, but intellectual mastery of nature theoretical physics from ohm to einstein vol 2 will lead you to love reading starting from now. Book is the window toExpand
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Benjamin Franklin's Science
Cohen (history of science, Harvard) reveals the important theoretical side to Franklin's scientific work. He traces his study, especially of Newton, and examines the theoretical basis of hisExpand
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