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[Epidemic situation on Kongo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever in South Federal District of Russia].
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[Specific features of the parasitic system of Crimean haemorrhagic fever in Stavropol' region during epidemic season of 2000].
Information on Crimean haemorrhagic fever (CHF) in different climatic zones of the Krasnodar territory is presented. The epidemiological importance of some species of Ixodes ticks as vectors of theExpand
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[Blackfly (Simuliidae) fauna of the central Caucasus].
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[The insecticidal action of Fenax on the fleas of wild rodents].
[Hemolymph cells of fleas and their phagocytic activity].
The present paper concerns 4 groups of haemolymph cells of fleas (proleukocytes, leukocytes, trophic cells and oenocytoids), results of observations on their phagocytic activity during parenteralExpand
[Dependence of the reproductive capacity of fleas on repeated mating (Aphaniptera)].
The fleas of X. cheopis and C. tesquorum were found to be capable of laying eggs during the whole physiological active period without recurrent fertilization. The recurrent mating and fertilizationExpand
[The results of a trial of the insecticidal activity of Oradelt and Omait against rodent fleas].
The paper provides the results of examining the insecticidal activity of the commercial agents oradelt and omait against rodent fleas. The two agents have been ascertained to have a high toxicity forExpand
[On the ecology of Hyalomma plumbeum ticks in the Donetsk focus of Crimean hemorrhagic fever].