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Enzymatic saccharification of biologically pretreated Pinus densiflora using enzymes from brown rot fungi.
Enzymatic saccharification of lignocellulosic biomass was performed using culture filtrates of brown rot fungi including Gloeophyllum sepiarium, Fomitopsis pinicola, and Laetiporus sulphureus.Expand
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Organosolv pretreatment with various catalysts for enhancing enzymatic hydrolysis of pitch pine (Pinus rigida).
Three different types of catalysts were evaluated for organosolv pretreatment with pitch pine (Pinus rigida). Sulfuric acid, magnesium chloride, and sodium hydroxide for acid, neutral and baseExpand
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Antibacterial and antifungal effects of essential oils from coniferous trees.
Essential oils have potential biological effects, i.e., antibiotic, anticarcinogenic, and sedative effects during stress. In the present study, we investigated the antibacterial and antifungalExpand
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Effect of essential inorganic metals on primary thermal degradation of lignocellulosic biomass.
This study employed thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and analytical Py-GC/MS in order to examine the catalytic effect of main inorganic metals (K, Mg and Ca) on the thermal degradation and theExpand
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Characterization of primary thermal degradation features of lignocellulosic biomass after removal of inorganic metals by diverse solvents.
Poplar wood powders were treated with distilled water, tap water, HCl and HF, respectively, to remove inorganics from the biomass and to investigate effect of demineralization processes on pyrolysisExpand
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Biological pretreatment of softwood Pinus densiflora by three white rot fungi.
The effects of biological pretreatment on the Japanese red pine Pinus densiflora, was evaluated after exposure to three white rot fungi Ceriporia lacerata, Stereum hirsutum, and Polyporus brumalis.Expand
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Antifungal effect of eugenol and nerolidol against Microsporum gypseum in a guinea pig model.
Essential oils have been widely used in anti-infectious application. In the present study, we elucidated the antifungal activities of eugenol and nerolidol isolated from Japanese cypress oil in aExpand
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Antifungal activities of the essential oils in Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merr. Et Perry and Leptospermum petersonii Bailey and their constituents against various dermatophytes.
This study was carried out in order to investigate the potential of using plant oils derived from Leptospermum petersonii Bailey and Syzygium aromaticum L. Merr. Et Perry as natural antifungalExpand
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The roles of xylan and lignin in oxalic acid pretreated corncob during separate enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol fermentation.
High yields of hemicellulosic and cellulosic sugars are critical in obtaining economical conversion of agricultural residues to ethanol. To optimize pretreatment conditions, we evaluated oxalic acidExpand
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Purification and characterization of a thermostable xylanase from the brown-rot fungus Laetiporus sulphureus.
A thermostable extracellular xylanase was purified and characterized from brown-rot basidiomycete Laetiporus sulphureus, cultivated on biologically pretreated Pinus densiflora biomass. After threeExpand
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