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Ground-state candidate for the classical dipolar kagome Ising antiferromagnet
We have investigated the low-temperature thermodynamic properties of the classical dipolar kagome Ising antiferromagnet using Monte Carlo simulations, in the quest for the ground-state manifold. In
Nanoscale magnetophotonics
This Perspective surveys the state-of-the-art and future prospects of science and technology employing the nanoconfined light (nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics) in combination with magnetism. We
Fragmentation of magnetism in artificial kagome dipolar spin ice
The imaging of the magnetic states of a thermally active artificial magnetic ice that reveal the fingerprints of a spin fragmentation process that corresponds to a splitting of the Magnetic degree of freedom into two channels and is evidenced in both real and reciprocal space.
Interaction modifiers in artificial spin ices
The modification of geometry and interactions in two-dimensional magnetic nanosystems has enabled a range of studies addressing the magnetic order1–6, collective low-energy dynamics7,8 and emergent
Magnetic order and energy-scale hierarchy in artificial spin-ice structures
In order to explain and predict the properties of many physical systems, it is essential to understand the interplay of different energy scales. Here we present investigations of the magnetic order
Size distribution of magnetic charge domains in thermally activated but out-of-equilibrium artificial spin ice
A statistical study of the size of the charge domains reveals an unconventional sawtooth distribution that is shown to be a signature of the kinetic process governing the remagnetization of the artificial kagomé spin ice lattice.
Kinetic pathways to the magnetic charge crystal in artificial dipolar spin ice
We experimentally investigate magnetic frustration effects in thermally active artificial kagome spin ice. Starting from a paramagnetic state, the system is cooled down below the Curie temperature of
Nonuniversality of artificial frustrated spin systems
Magnetic frustration effects in artificial kagome arrays of nanomagnets with out-of-plane magnetization are investigated using magnetic force microscopy and Monte Carlo simulations. Experimental and
Environmental dependence of the photochromic effect of oxygen-containing rare-earth metal hydrides
We study the dependence of the photochromic effect on environment and triggering light. We demonstrate that the first darkening/bleaching cycle of freshly grown films is accompanied by a release of
Thickness dependent enhancement of the polar Kerr rotation in Co magnetoplasmonic nanostructures
Large surface plasmon polariton assisted enhancement of the magneto-optical activity has been observed in the past, through spectral measurements of the polar Kerr rotation in Co hexagonal antidot