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Use of physical restraints and antipsychotic medications in nursing homes: a cross‐national study
This study compares inter‐ and intra‐country differences in the prevalence of physical restraints and antipsychotic medications in nursing homes, and examines aggregated resident conditions andExpand
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The SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) pandemic in Hong Kong: Effects on the subjective wellbeing of elderly and younger people
Objectives: This study examined the impact of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in Hong Kong in 2003, on the subjective wellbeing (SWB) of elderly people and a younger comparativeExpand
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Tai chi and reduction of depressive symptoms for older adults: A meta‐analysis of randomized trials
The aim of the present article was to systematically review the effectiveness of tai chi for reducing depressive symptoms among older adults. Electronic databases were searched through January 2011.Expand
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Trends in Disability-Free Life Expectancy Among Chinese Older Adults
Objectives: This study evaluates trends in disability-free life expectancy (DFLE) of Chinese adults aged 60 and older. Methods: Based on two national disability surveys in 1987 and 2006 as well asExpand
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Discussions on oral health care among elderly Chinese immigrants in Melbourne and Vancouver.
BACKGROUND This study explored how elderly Chinese immigrants value and relate to how acculturation influences oral health and subsequent service use. METHODS Elders who had immigrated to MelbourneExpand
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Urban and rural factors associated with life satisfaction among older Chinese adults
Objective: This study compared urban and rural factors associated with life satisfaction among older adults in mainland China. Method: Study data were extracted at random from 10% of the SampleExpand
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The Use of the Minimum Data Set: Home Care in a Case Management Project in Hong Kong
130 hospital-discharged elderly patients received our comprehensive assessment by using a Chinese Minimum Data Set-Home Care (MDS-HC). Our case manager developed and implemented care plans withExpand
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Challenges and resilience related to aging in the United States among older Chinese immigrants
ABSTRACT Objectives: This study sought to identify challenges and protective factors for resilience related to the process of aging among older Chinese immigrants in the United States. Methods: ThisExpand
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Gender Differences in Expectations Predictive of Volunteer Experience Among Older Chinese Professionals in Hong Kong
Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine gender differences in expectations predictive of volunteer experience. Volunteering is one pathway to remaining actively engaged in later life andExpand
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Participation in productive activities and health outcomes among older adults in urban China.
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY This study examined whether participating in productive activities was associated with better health outcomes among older adults in urban China, including analysis of potentialExpand
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