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Procedure for Estimation and Reporting of Uncertainty Due to Discretization in CFD Applications
ince 1990, the Fluids Engineering Division of ASME has pursued activities concerning the detection, estimation and control of umerical uncertainty and/or error in computational fluid dynamics (CFD)Expand
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Index of resolution quality for large eddy simulations
In the light of rapidly increasing applications of large-eddy simulations (LES), it is deemed necessary to impose some quality assessment measures for such studies. The verification of LESExpand
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Random Flow Generation Technique for Large Eddy Simulations and Particle-Dynamics Modeling
A random flow generation (RFG) technique is presented, which can be used for initial/ inlet boundary generation in LES (Large-Eddy-Simulations) or particle tracking in LES/ RANS (Reynolds-AveragedExpand
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Measurement of airborne influenza virus in a hospital emergency department.
Size-fractionated aerosol particles were collected in a hospital emergency department to test for airborne influenza virus. Using real-time polymerase chain reaction, we confirmed the presence ofExpand
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Quantity and Size Distribution of Cough-Generated Aerosol Particles Produced by Influenza Patients During and After Illness
The question of whether influenza is transmitted to a significant degree by aerosols remains controversial, in part, because little is known about the quantity and size of potentially infectiousExpand
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Introductory Turbulence Modeling
NOMENCLATURE English B k production of turbulent kinetic energy by buoyancy B ε production of turbulent dissipation by buoyancy C f friction coefficient D k destruction of turbulent kinetic energy DExpand
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Assessment measures for URANS/DES/LES: an overview with applications
A survey of quality assessment methods is presented covering a range of possible errors in applications of CFD. Expand
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Numerical Experiments on Application of Richardson Extrapolation With Nonuniform Grids
We show that Richardson extrapolation can be used to obtain grid independent solutions using the same grid refinement factors in both coordinate directions using nonuniform grid distributions using generalized wall functions. Expand
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Assessment Measures for Engineering LES Applications
Proposed measures are applied to various test cases and validated against fully resolved large eddy simulation and/or direct numerical simulation whenever possible. Expand
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1 Procedure for Estimation and Reporting of Discretization Error in CFD Applications
Although no standard method for evaluating numerical uncertainty is currently accepted by the CFD community, there are numerous methods and techniques available to the user to accomplish this task.Expand
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