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Monitoring Epiphytic Lichen Biodiversity to Detect Environmental Quality and Air Pollution: the Case Study of Roccamonfina Park (Campania Region - Italy)
Biomonitoring of air pollution, i.e. monitoring environmental pollution through the use of living organisms (Nimis & Skert, 1999), may be based either on the tendency of some organism to accumulateExpand
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The Lichens of the Sorrento peninsula (Campania—Southern Italy)
Summary A survey of the lichen flora of the Sorrento peninsula was carried out through field research and investigations in herbaria and in the literature. The flora was found to comprise 363 taxa,Expand
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Detecting the drivers of functional diversity in a local lichen flora: a case study on the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina (southern Italy).
Current strategies for conservation reportedly suffer from an inadequate awareness of the drivers affecting lichen diversity, pointing to the need to fully develop a functional approach to lichenExpand
Wood macrolichen Lobaria pulmonaria on chestnut tree crops : the case study of Roccamonfina park ( Campania region-Italy )
Integrating at landscape level the information coming from local environment indicators can help monitoring environmental quality in conservation programs. Lobaria pulmonaria is a lichen speciesExpand
Contribution to the floristic knowledge of eastern Irpinia and Vulture-Melfese area (Campania and Basilicata, southern Italy)
In order to improve the floristic knowledge of the Italian territory, we report the inventory of the taxa collected during the annual field trip of the working group for Floristics, Systematics andExpand
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Different effects of rain and artificial watering on element zonation patterns in lichen thalli and bark: A study on Physcia biziana (Massal.) Zahlbr. v. leptophylla Ve˘zda
Translocation processes between the inner and outer rings of lichen thalli, as well as between lichens and bark substratum, induce zonation patterns, with a dynamic stratification of pollutionExpand
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Patterns and drivers of β-diversity and similarity of Lobaria pulmonaria 1 communities in Italian forests 2 3
Patterns and drivers of ß-diversity and similarity of Lobaria pulmonaria communities in Italian forests / J. Nascimbene; R. Benesperi; G. Brunialti; I.Catalano; M. Dalle Vedove; M. Grillo; D.Expand
Analisi della flora lichenica in formazioni forestali in area mediterranea
Gli ambienti costieri rappresentano sistemi naturali molto complessi e con un equilibrio particolarmente fragile. L’intensa antropizzazione delle coste a fini turistici rappresenta uno dei fattori diExpand