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Concussion in Professional Football: Location and Direction of Helmet Impacts—Part 2
OBJECTIVENational Football League game video was analyzed for the typical locations of severe helmet impacts in professional football. By use of selected cases that were reconstructed in laboratoryExpand
Concussion in Professional Football: Epidemiological Features of Game Injuries and Review of the Literature—Part 3
OBJECTIVEA 6-year study was performed to determine the circumstances, causes, and outcomes of concussions in the National Football League. METHODSBetween 1996 and 2001, the epidemiological featuresExpand
Twelve Years of National Football League Concussion Data
Background: Concussion in the National Football League (NFL) remains an important issue. An initial description of the injury epidemiology involved 6 years from 1996 to 2001. Hypothesis: TheExpand
Concussion in professional football: reconstruction of game impacts and injuries.
OBJECTIVE Concussion in professional football was studied with respect to impact types and injury biomechanics. A combination of video surveillance and laboratory reconstruction of game impacts wasExpand
Concussion in Professional Football: Brain Responses by Finite Element Analysis: Part 9
OBJECTIVE:Brain responses from concussive impacts in National Football League football games were simulated by finite element analysis using a detailed anatomic model of the brain and headExpand
Concussion in Professional Football: Comparison with Boxing Head Impacts—Part 10
OBJECTIVE: This study addresses impact biomechanics from boxing punches causing translational and rotational head acceleration. Olympic boxers threw four different punches at an instrumented HybridExpand
Is There Chronic Brain Damage in Retired NFL Players? Neuroradiology, Neuropsychology, and Neurology Examinations of 45 Retired Players
Background: Neuropathology and surveys of retired National Football League (NFL) players suggest that chronic brain damage is a frequent result of a career in football. There is limited informationExpand
OBJECTIVE Impacts causing concussion in professional football were simulated in laboratory tests to determine collision mechanics. This study focuses on the biomechanics of concussion in the struckExpand
Concussion in Professional Football: Repeat Injuries—Part 4
OBJECTIVE:A 6-year study was conducted to determine the signs, symptoms, and management of repeat concussion in National Football League players. METHODS:From 1996 to 2001, concussions were reportedExpand
Concussion in Professional Football: Injuries Involving 7 or More Days Out—Part 5
OBJECTIVE: A 6-year study was conducted to determine the signs, symptoms, and outcome of concussions with 7 or more (7+) days out from play or extended postconcussion recovery in the NationalExpand