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The compressibility of silicate liquids containing Fe2O3 and the effect of composition, temperature, oxygen fugacity and pressure on their redox states
Ultrasonic longitudinal acoustic velocities in oxidized silicate liquids indicate that the pressure derivative of the partial-molar volume of Fe2O3 is the same in iron-rich alkali-, alkaline earth-Expand
The redox states of basic and silicic magmas: a reflection of their source regions?
At present the best estimates of the oxygen fugacity of spinel-lherzolites that could be the source material of basic magmas is about five log units below the Ni−NiO buffer to one above it. HoweverExpand
Oxidation states of mid-ocean ridge basalt glasses
Abstract Precise new analyses of ferrous and total iron for 78 hand-picked mid-ocean ridge basalt (MORB) glasses constrain the redox states of MORB magmas, and the systematics of those redox statesExpand
Densities of Na2O-K2O-CaO-MgO-FeO-Fe2O3-Al2O3-TiO2-SiO2 liquids: New measurements and derived partial molar properties
The densities of 27 liquids in the system Na2O-K2O-MgO-MgO-FeO-Fe2O3-Al2O3-TiO2-SiO2 have been measured using the double-bob Archimedean technique. These results indicate that multicomponent silicateExpand
The hydrous phase equilibria (to 3 kbar) of an andesite and basaltic andesite from western Mexico: constraints on water content and conditions of phenocryst growth
Abstract We have conducted high pressure (to 3 kbar), water saturated melting experiments on an andesite (62 wt% SiO2) and a basaltic andesite (55 wt% SiO2) from western Mexico. A close comparisonExpand
The Petrology of Thingmuli, a Tertiary Volcano in Eastern Iceland
The Tertiary flood-basalt sequence of eastern Iceland is intermittently disturbed by central volcanic activity with the voluminous eruption of acid magma. Associated with one of these centralExpand
The ferric-ferrous ratio of natural silicate liquids equilibrated in air
AbstractResults of chemical analyses of glasses produced in 46 melting experiments in air at 1,350° C and 1,450° C on rocks ranging in composition from nephelinite to rhyolite have been combined withExpand
The 1982 eruptions of El Chichón Volcano, Chiapas, Mexico: Mineralogy and petrology of the anhydritebearing pumices
The 1982 eruptions of El Chichon Volcano produced three major pumice- and ash-fall layers. Fresh pumices from the three layers are indistinguishable porphyritic trachyandesites with 55.9 wt. % SiO2,Expand
The andesite aqueduct: perspectives on the evolution of intermediate magmatism in west-central (105–99°W) Mexico
Abstract Intermediate calc-alkaline magma (52–65% SiO2) in western-central Mexico is the focus of this paper, and the typically porphyritic andesites (57–65% SiO2) form large central volcanoes,Expand
The cinder cones of Michoacán—Guanajuato, central Mexico: their age, volume and distribution, and magma discharge rate
The Michoacan—Guanajuato Volcanic Field (MGVF) in central Mexico contains over 1000 late Quaternary volcanic centers, of which approximately 90% are cinder cones. This area is distinct from otherExpand