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Redescription of Odontozona edwardsi (Bouvier, 1908) (Decapoda: Stenopodidea: Stenopodidae) and description of a new species of Odontozona commensal on the deep-water coral, Lophelia pertusa
Odontozona edwardsi, a rare stenopodid shrimp from deep waters of the northwest African coast off Morocco and Western Sahara is redescribed and figured based on type material and an additional 26
Deep-sea Oplophoridae (Crustacea Caridea) from the southwestern Brazil
The Brazilian expeditions Revizee and Oceanprof collected samples from the southwest Brazilian coast between depths of 200 and 2200m. These expeditions sampled eleven species ofOplophoridae, ten of
Caridea (Crustacea, Decapoda: Disciadidae, Palaemonidae, Processidae, Rhynchocinetidae) from Rocas atoll including two new species of Periclemenaeus Borradaile, 1951
Periclimenaeus caraibicus, a species never recorded in Brazilian waters, is described, two new species of the genus Periclimenaeus are described: P. brucei sp.nov. and P. crosnieri sp.nov.
Lack of science support fails Brazil
This Editorial Expression of Concern is published to alert the readers while the outcome of the investigation into the launch of a preliminary investigation under the Misconduct in Research policy is awaited.
Deep sea Caridea (Crustacea, Decapoda) from Campos Basin, RJ, Brazil
Nematocarcinus ensifer is a new record for the Brazilian continental slope and three other caridean species are still under investigation and were not included in the present study.
Comparison between the shrimp species richness (Caridea and Dendrobranchiata, Decapoda, Crustacea) of the south and north mid Atlantic ridge
A Cordilheira Meso Atlântica (CMA) e uma cadeia de montes submersos com 60.000 km, dividida em regiao norte e sul, separadas pela Fratura Equatorial, que corta transversalmente a CMA. A Fratura
First record of the deep sea Paguridae Catapaguroides microps (Decapoda: Anomura) in the southwestern Atlantic Sea
C'est la premiere fois that C. microps est signalee dans l'Atlantique sud-occidental.
On some rare Oplophoridae (Caridea, Decapoda) from the South Mid-Atlantic Ridge
The Oplophoridae fauna of the South MAR seems more related with the fauna from the North MAR, and some rare Oplphoridae species collected during the cruise are reported.
Caridea (Crustacea, Decapoda) collected on the Brazilian (13 o /22 o S) continental shelf and slope
Nine caridean species, distributed in six families, were identified in Brazilian continental shelf and slope, and Pseudocheles chacei is a new record for the Brazilian coast.
Taxonomy and distribution of shrimps genus Heterocarpus A. Milne-Edwards, 1881 collected on the brazilian slope by the Program REVIZEE - central score
Heterocarpus inopinatus and H. ensifer were collected mostly by trawling in mid‑ water, which indicates that they have more pelagic habits than previously thought.