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of a trace-element-related matrix effect; SHRIMP, ID-TIMS, ELA-ICP-MS and oxygen isotope documentation for a series of zircon standards
Precise isotope dilution–thermal ionisation mass spectrometry (ID–TIMS) documentation is given for two new Palaeozoic zircon standards (TEMORA 2 and R33). These data, in combination with results forExpand
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Relative oxidation states of magmas inferred from Ce(IV)/Ce(III) in zircon: application to porphyry copper deposits of northern Chile
Abstract. Major- and trace-element compositions of zircons and whole rocks from 14 barren and seven ore-bearing calc-alkaline intrusions from the Chuquicamata-El Abra porphyry copper belt of northernExpand
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Implications of mantle plume structure for the evolution of flood basalts
Morgan [1,2] suggested that continental flood basalts appear as the first volcanic expression of new mantle plumes. Experimental studies in viscous liquids have shown that new, or "starting", plumesExpand
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Trace-element geochemistry of ore-associated and barren, felsic metavolcanic rocks in the Superior Province, Canada
Archaean felsic metavolcanic rocks in the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield may be divided into three major groups on the basis of trace-element abundances and ratios. (1) FI felsicExpand
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Formation of supercontinents linked to increases in atmospheric oxygen
Atmospheric oxygen concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere rose from negligible levels in the Archaean Era to about 21% in the present day. This increase is thought to have occurred in six steps,Expand
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Stirring and structure in mantle starting plumes
Simple arguments show that ascending thermal plumes will entrain their surroundings as the result of coupling between conduction of heat and laminar stirring driven by the plume motion. In theExpand
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Turbulent fountains in an open chamber
The flow and density distribution produced by injecting dense fluid upwards at the bottom of a homogeneous fluid have been investigated experimentally and theoretically. Both axisymmetric and lineExpand
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Ion microprobe U–Pb ages for Neoproterozoic basaltic magmatism in south-central Australia and implications for the breakup of Rodinia
Abstract Ion microprobe U–Th–Pb analyses of baddeleyite and zircon yield precise estimates of the age of Neoproterozoic mafic magmatism associated with initial rifting in the Adelaide Geosyncline andExpand
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Two ages of porphyry intrusion resolved for the super-giant Chuquicamata copper deposit of northern Chile by ELA-ICP-MS and SHRIMP
Zircon U-Pb ages measured in situ by excimer laser ablation–inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry (ELA-ICP-MS) and verified by sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe (SHRIMP) on ore-bearingExpand
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