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Fretting corrosion tests on orthopedic plates and screws made of ASTM F138 stainless steel
We correlate the surface finish characteristics of bone plate-screw systems with fretting corrosion and demonstrate its influence on the structural integrity of osteosynthesis implants. Expand
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Failure Analysis of Titanium-Based Dental Implant
Metallic materials designed for applications in orthopedic or dental surgical implants must show a group of properties, including biocompatibility, mechanical strength and resistance to degradationExpand
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Characterization of the fretting corrosion behavior, surface and debris from head-taper interface of two different modular hip prostheses.
Modular hip prostheses are flexible to match anatomical variations and to optimize mechanical and tribological properties of each part by using different materials. However, micromotions associatedExpand
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Microstructural aspects of the failure analysis of nickel base superalloys components
The main reason for the existence of superalloys is their outstanding strength at high temperatures, which make them suitable for the fabrication of gas turbine components. Contributing factors areExpand
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Premature Failure in Orthopedic Implants: Analysis of Three Different Cases
The increasing lifetime of the population on a world-wide scale over the last decades has led to a significant growth in the use of surgical implants for replacement of bones and teeth in affectedExpand
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Corrosion resistance of a steel under an oxidizing atmosphere in a fluid catalytic cracking regenerator
In the present work, the corrosion resistance of an ASTM A 387 G11 steel was evaluated under two conditions: an oxidizing atmosphere in a fluid catalytic cracking regenerator of a petroleumExpand
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Quantitative study on nonmetallic inclusion particles in steels by automatic image analysis with extreme values method
The presence of nonmetallic inclusion particles which appear during steelmaking process is harmful to the properties of steels, which is mainly as a function of some aspects such as size, volumeExpand
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Evaluation of the Corrosion Resistance of Thermal-Spray Coatings Under Oxidant Atmosphere in a Fluid Catalytic-Cracking Unit
The effectiveness of several thermal-spray coatings for improving the corrosion resistance of a low-alloy steel was evaluated at 650°C under two conditions: an oxidizing atmosphere in a fluidExpand
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Chemical and Microstructural Characterization of Modular Femoral Stems Manufactured in ISO 5832-9 Stainless Steel
The aim of this study is to evaluate and compare the chemical composition and microstructure of two femoral stems manufactured in ISO 5832-9 austenitic stainless steel by different manufacturers.Expand
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− Orthopaedic implants should be designed and manufactured in such a way to protect the patient and user against imperfections and damages. These medical devices require specific tests to evaluateExpand