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Elastography: A Quantitative Method for Imaging the Elasticity of Biological Tissues
We describe a new method for quantitative imaging of strain and elastic modulus distributions in soft tissues. The method is based on external tissue compression, with subsequent computation of theExpand
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Elastography: elasticity imaging using ultrasound with application to muscle and breast in vivo.
Changes in tissue elasticity are generally correlated with its pathological state. In many cases, despite the difference in elasticity, the small size of a lesion or its location deep in the bodyExpand
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Fundamental mechanical limitations on the visualization of elasticity contrast in elastography.
Elastography is a new ultrasonic imaging technique that produces images (elastograms) of the elastic properties of complaint tissue. To determine the Young's modulus it is necessary to measure orExpand
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Methods for estimation of subsample time delays of digitized echo signals.
Time delay estimation (TDE) is commonly performed in practice by crosscorrelation of digitized echo signals. Since time delays are generally not integral multiples of the sampling period, theExpand
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Blood flow imaging and volume flow quantitation with intravascular ultrasound.
Current intravascular ultrasound techniques produce real-time imaging of a vessel cross-section with a scan plane approximately normal to blood flow. When a cluster of randomly distributed bloodExpand
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Noise reduction in elastograms using temporal stretching with multicompression averaging.
Elastography uses estimates of the time delay (obtained by cross-correlation) to compute strain estimates in tissue due to quasistatic compression. Because the time delay estimates do not generallyExpand
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Reduction of image noise in elastography.
Elastography is a method for imaging the elastic properties of compliant tissues which produces gray scale elasticity images called elastograms. The elastograms of phantoms with homogeneous elasticExpand
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Lesion detection in simulated elastographic and echographic images: a psychophysical study.
The image quality of two ultrasonic imaging techniques was studied: conventional echography and the recently introduced elastography. The image quality was assessed by estimating the detectability ofExpand
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Elastography of beef muscle.
Elastography, a technique that uses ultrasonic pulses to track the internal displacements of small tissue elements in response to an externally applied stress, has been applied to beef muscle. BeefExpand
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Diffraction correction methods for pulse-echo acoustic attenuation estimation.
We describe computer simulations and water tank experiments for the estimation of the attenuation coefficient in scattering media. The efficacies of the Axial Beam Translation (ABT) and InverseExpand
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