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Mitogenomic sequences and evidence from unique gene rearrangements corroborate evolutionary relationships of myctophiformes (Neoteleostei)
This study attempts to resolve major myctophiform phylogenies from both mitogenomic sequences and corroborating evidence in the form of unique mitochondrial gene order rearrangements to provide a likely scenario for the phylogenetic history of Myctophidae.
Distribution of demersal fish in the south-western Barents Sea
The mapping considerably revised the distribution in relation to previous knowledge for 37 species, and the new and more accurate range maps provided here may serve as baseline information for future monitoring of the fish fauna in the Barents Sea.
Lumping lumpsuckers: molecular and morphological insights into the taxonomic status of Eumicrotremus spinosus (Fabricius, 1776) and Eumicrotremus eggvinii Koefoed, 1956 (Teleostei: Cyclopteridae)
The results indicate that although E. spinosus and E. eggvinii are clearly separated by a considerable number of morphological characters, they in fact constitute a single, sexually dimorphic species.
Vertical Structure, Biomass and Topographic Association of Deep-Pelagic Fishes in Relation to a Mid-Ocean Ridge System
Abstract The assemblage structure and vertical distribution of deep-pelagic fishes relative to a mid-ocean ridge system are described from an acoustic and discrete-depth trawling survey conducted as
Antipredator Behavior and Breeding Success in Greater Golden-Plover and Eurasian Dotterel
The difference in nesting success and antipredator behaviors is discussed in terms of greater detectability in golden-plovers than dotterels, and of biparental (golden-plover) versus uniparental(dotterel) care.
The fauna of hydrothermal vents on the Mohn Ridge (North Atlantic)
Calcareous sponges comprised an unusually high portion of the sponge species found and they constitute one of the first pioneers among the sessile invertebrates settling on these vents.
Red-spotted Bluethroats Luscinia s. svecica migrate along the Indo-European flyway: a geolocator study
Capsule Red-spotted Bluethroats Luscinia s. svecica from two European breeding populations spent the boreal winter on the Indian sub-continent. Aim Tracking the migration of Red-spotted Bluethroats