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Antioxidant activities and chemical composition of essential oil of Pistacia atlantica from Algeria
Abstract A total number of 34 samples of leaves of Pistacia atlantica Desf. collected randomly from four different locations in Algeria were submitted to hydrodistillation. The essential oilsExpand
Anthocyanin and flavonoid production from Perilla frutescens: pilot plant scale processing including cross-flow microfiltration and reverse osmosis.
The study of extraction efficiency using mineral acids and organic acids showed that 0.01 mol/L nitric acid was the most suitable to extract flavonoids from this slightly red leaf cultivar. Expand
Spectrometric identifications of sesquiterpene alcohols from niaouli (Melaleuca quinquenervia) essential oil
Oxidation and reduction reactions on alloaromadendrene and aromadendrene sesquiterpene hydrocarbons have been investigated in order to produce alcohols with an aromadendrene skeleton for checking theExpand
Chemometric analysis of French lavender and lavandin essential oils by near infrared spectroscopy
Abstract Chemometric treatments of near infrared (NIR) spectra were used firstly to understand data structure by principal component analysis (PCA), to discriminate, by partial leastExpand
Comparative chemometric analyses of geographic origins and compositions of lavandin var. Grosso essential oils by mid infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography.
Chemometric MID-IR spectra treatments constitute a robust and help fast method for authentication of GLEOCA and should be extended to other essential oils for Authentication of geographic origin. Expand
Ptilomycalin D, a polycyclic guanidine alkaloid from the marine sponge Monanchora dianchora.
A new polycyclic guanidine alkaloid, ptilomycalin D, and the known crambescidic acid were isolated from the marine sponge Monanchora dianchora collected in Nosy-Be, northwest of Madagascar, in theExpand
Polyphenol extraction from eight Perilla frutescens cultivars
Abstract Eight cultivars of Perilla frutescens (L.) (var. frutescens and var. crispa) Britt. belonging to red and green varieties were harvested in China and Japan. Water extractions of dried plantsExpand
Chemical characterization and antifungal activities of four Thymus species essential oils against postharvest fungal pathogens of citrus
Findings suggest that essential oils obtained from T. leptobotrys , T. riatarum and T. pseudomastichina may be useful and effective agents for control of citrus fungal pathogens. Expand
Hyperforin Inhibits Akt1 Kinase Activity and Promotes Caspase-Mediated Apoptosis Involving Bad and Noxa Activation in Human Myeloid Tumor Cells
The authors' data provide new evidence that HF's pro-apoptotic effect in AML cells involved inhibition of Akt1 signaling, mitochondria and Bcl-2 members dysfunctions, and activation of procaspases -9/-3. Expand
Seasonal Variation of Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Essential Oil from Pistacia atlantica Desf. Leaves
The composition and antioxidant activities of Pistacia atlantica Desf. essential oil were investigated. Qualitative and quantitative differences in compositions and in antioxidant activities of maleExpand