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Nocodazole sensitivity, age-related aneuploidy, and alterations in the cell cycle during maturation of mouse oocytes.
To detect age-related alterations in the formation and function of the spindle apparatus, we examined in vitro maturing oocytes obtained from young (2-4 mo) and aged (greater than 9 mo) diestrousExpand
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Granulocytopoiesis in human bone marrow cultures studied by means of kinematography.
1. In short-term human bone marrow cultures, the generation times of three myelocytes were measured by phase contrast kinematography to be 29-30.5 hours. Two of these myelocyte generations were inExpand
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A kinetic model of granulocytopoiesis.
Abstract By differential counting of Wright's stained bone marrow smears, cell counting of the bone marrow, and phase contrast observation of granulocytopoietic cells on clot cultures, information isExpand
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Evidence for a rat granulocyte chalone effect on the proliferation of normal human bone marrow and of myeloid leukemias.
Evidence is presented that rat ascites cell extracts, acting as granulocyte chalone, temporarily inhibit the cell doubling of granulocytopoietic precursors in suspension cultures of human boneExpand
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Klinische und prognostische Relevanz der Kiel-Klassifikation der Non-Hodgkin-Lymphome
Durch die Kiel-Klassifikation wurde eine Neuordnung der Non-Hodgkin-Lymphome in distinkte, auch klinisch-prognostisch differenzier-bare Lymphom-Entitaten erreicht. Im Vergleich zu fruherenExpand
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No elevation of the frequencies of chromosomal alterations as a consequence of handling cytostatic drugs. Analyses with peripheral blood and urine of hospital personnel.
Peripheral blood lymphocytes of hospital personnel handling cytostatic drugs showed no elevation of structural chromosomal aberrations or sister-chromatid exchanges (SCE) over the baseline. The urineExpand
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Clinical and prognostic heterogeneity of non-hodgkin lymphomas of high-grade malignancy
SummaryComparison of clinical data of 64 patients with centroblastic lymphoma, 55 patients with immunoblastic lymphoma and 31 patients with lymphoblastic lymphoma not only confirmed the originalExpand
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Lymphocytes as inducers of mitoses of human morphologically identifiable progenitor cells. Phase contrast observations.
Phase contrast time lapse observations of human bone marrow cells demonstrate the induction of progenitor cell mitoses or amitoses by the touch of locomotive lymphocytes on the cell surface.Expand
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Serum factors influencing human granulocytopoietic proliferation in clot cultures.
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