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Current status of the Drosophila melanogaster species‐group (Diptera)
Abstract. The Drosphila melanogaster species‐group, established by Sturtevant (1942) for fourteen species, is now known to contain 115 described species here divided into twelve named subgroupsExpand
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Intra- and interspecific chromosomal inversions in the Drosophila bipectinata species complex
  • I. Bock
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Chromosoma
  • 2004
Twenty autosomal inversions were detected in the polytene chromosomes of larvae obtained by hybridizing inversion-free strains of the species of the bipectinata complex (D. bipectinata, D.Expand
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Interspecific Hybridization in the Genus Drosophila
The first review of the phenomenon of interspecific hybridization in animals appears to be that of Haldane (1922), who catalogued all cases known to that time in which crosses performed artificiallyExpand
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The bipectinata Complex: A Study in Interspecific Hybridization in the Genus Drosophila (Insecta: Diptera)
Although there is no evidence of hybridization in nature, interspecific crosses in all six possible pairwise combinations may be effected in the laboratory amongst the four species of the DrosophilaExpand
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Bialba rotunda gen n., sp. n.; Poliocephala microabdomina gen. n., sp. n.; Amiota bicolorata sp. n.; Drosophila tozana sp. n.; Eostegana bulla sp.n.; and Leucophenga candida sp. n. are described fromExpand
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The subgenus Scaptodrosophila (Diptera: Drosophilidae)
Four major subgenera, Drosophila, Sophophora, Hirtodrosophila and Scaptodrosophila, and several minor subgenera, have been recognized in the genus Drosophila. The hitherto little studied subgenusExpand
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Australian endemic Drosophila IV. Queensland rain forest species collected at fruit baits, with descriptions of two species
Australian Drosophila species attracted to fermented fruits are mainly of the subgenera Drosophila and Sophophora. With the exception of D. (Sophophora) dispar, all non-cosmopolitan species areExpand
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The Drosophilidae (Insecta, Diptera) of Norfolk-Island
Eleven species of Drosophilidae in four genera (Drosophila, including three cosmopolitan species, Scaptomyza, Mycodrosophila, and Leucophenga) are recorded from Norfolk and Philip Is. Four speciesExpand
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chelatbildende austauscherharze : IV. Schwermetallselektive Komplexonaustauscher auf polyaminpolyessigsäure-basis
Zusammenfassung Durch Umsetzung von vernetzten, chlormethylierten Styrolpolymerisaten mit Polyathylenpolyaminen und darauffolgende Carboxymethylierung entstehen Ionenaustauscher mit chelatbildendenExpand
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Species Diversities in Drosophila (Diptera): A Dependence Upon Rain Forest Type of the Queensland (Australian) Humid Tropics
The Drosophila species compositions within the rain forests of north Queensland, Australia, are closely correlated with rain forest type. The floristically complex rain forests (complex mesophyllExpand
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