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Supersymmetric states of N=4 Yang-Mills from giant gravitons
Mikhailov has constructed an infinite family of 1 BPS D3-branes in AdS5 × S 5 . We regulate Mikhailov's solution space by focussing on finite dimensional submani- folds. Our submanifolds areExpand
The moduli space of stable vector bundles over a real algebraic curve
We study the spaces of stable real and quaternionic vector bundles on a real algebraic curve. The basic relationship is established with unitary representations of an extension of $${\mathbb{Z}/2}$$Expand
Yang-Mills equation for stable Higgs sheaves
We establish a Kobayashi–Hitchin correspondence for the stable Higgs sheaves on a compact Kahler manifold. Using it, we also obtain a Kobayashi–Hitchin correspondence for the stable Higgs G-sheaves,Expand
Determinant bundles, quillen metrics and mumford isomorphisms over the universal commensurability teichmüller space
There exists on each Teichm\"uller space $T_g$ (comprising compact Riemann surfaces of genus $g$), a natural sequence of determinant (of cohomology) line bundles, $DET_n$, related to each other viaExpand
Limit constructions over Riemann surfaces and their parameter spaces, and the commensurability group actions
Abstract. To any compact hyperbolic Riemann surface X, we associate a new type of automorphism group — called its commensurability automorphism group, ComAut(X). The members of ComAut(X) arise fromExpand
Parabolic Higgs bundles and Teichm\"uller spaces for punctured surfaces
In this paper we study the relation between parabolic Higgs bundles and irreducible representations of the fundamental group of punctured Riemann surfaces established by Simpson. We generalize aExpand
Anti-holomorphic involutions of the moduli spaces of Higgs bundles and branes
We study anti-holomorphic involutions of the moduli space of principal $G$-Higgs bundles over a compact Riemann surface $X$, where $G$ is a complex semisimple Lie group. These involutions are definedExpand