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Uncertainty relations for information entropy in wave mechanics
New uncertainty relations in quantum mechanics are derived. They express restrictions imposed by quantum theory on probability distributions of canonically conjugate variables in terms ofExpand
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Nonlinear Wave Mechanics
Nonlinear wave mechanics is constructed, based on Schrodinger-type equation with nonlinearity −bψ ln | ψ |2. This nonlinearity is selected by assuming the factorization of wavefunctions for composedExpand
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On the Wave Function of the Photon
It is believed that certain matrix elements of the electromagnetic field operators in quantum electrodynamics, in close analogy with nonrelativistic quantum theory of massive particles, may beExpand
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Formulation of the uncertainty relations in terms of the Rényi entropies
Quantum-mechanical uncertainty relations for position and momentum are expressed in the form of inequalities involving the Renyi entropies. The proof of these inequalities requires the use of theExpand
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Theory of Quanta
1: The Birth of Quantum Theory. 1.1: The radiation of an ideal black body. 1.2: Line spectra and Bohr's model of the atom. 1.3: The quantum conditions of Bohr-Sommerfield. 1.4: Waves of matters.Expand
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V Photon Wave Function
Publisher Summary This chapter describes the photon wave function, and explains the basic properties of a well-defined mathematical object—a six-component function of space-time variables—thatExpand
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The role of the Riemann–Silberstein vector in classical and quantum theories of electromagnetism
It is shown that the use of the Riemann–Silberstein (RS) vector greatly simplifies the description of the electromagnetic field both in the classical domain and in the quantum domain. In this review,Expand
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Tying knots in light fields.
We construct analytically, a new family of null solutions to Maxwell's equations in free space whose field lines encode all torus knots and links. The evolution of these null fields, analogous to aExpand
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Relativistic Electron Wave Packets Carrying Angular Momentum.
There are important differences between the nonrelativistic and relativistic description of electron beams. In the relativistic case the orbital angular momentum quantum number cannot be used toExpand
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Entropic uncertainty relations
Abstract New entropic uncertainty relations for angle-angular momentum and position-momentum, derived recently by Partovi, are related to older relations of a similar type, which were proved byExpand
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