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Four Essays on Liberty
The four essays are `Political Ideas in the Twentieth Century'; `Historical Inevitability', which the Economist described as `a magnificent assertion of the reality of human freedom, of the role ofExpand
Two Concepts of Liberty
Isaiah Berlin’s essay ‘Two Concepts of Liberty’* is one of the most important pieces of post-war political philosophy. It was originally given as a lecture in Oxford in 1958 and has been muchExpand
The hedgehog and the fox : an essay on Tolstoy's view of history
'The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.' This fragment of Archilochus, which gives this book its title, describes the central thesis of Isaiah Berlin's masterly essay onExpand
The Proper Study of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays
This selection of the best of Berlin's essays seeks to represent the full range of his work. The opening sections include Berlin's defence of philosophy and history against assimilation to theExpand
Karl Marx: His Life and Environment
"Karl Marx" is Isaiah Berlin's account of the life and ideas of the author of "Das Kapital". It provides an introduction to the traditional Marx - his personality and ideas as they were understood byExpand
Three Critics of the Enlightenment: Vico, Hamann, Herder
Editor's preface vii Note on references Xi VICO AND HERDER Author's preface 3 Introduction 5 The Philosophical Ideas of Giambattista Vico 21 Vico's Theory of Knowledge and its Sources 122 Herder andExpand
The Crooked Timber of Humanity
Against the Current: Essays in the History of Ideas
This is a collection of essays by Isaiah Berlin. His main theme is the importance in the history of thought of dissenters whose ideas still challenge conventional wisdom. Machiavelli, Vico,Expand
Vico and Herder. Two Studies in the History of Ideas.
Vico and Herder was widely acclaimed when it was first published in1976. In the first section Isaiah Berlin studies the philosophical ideas of Giovanni Battista Vico (1668-1744), a profound andExpand
Roots of the Revolution