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Temperature requirements for seed germination of Pereskia aculeata and Pereskia grandifolia.
Pereskia aculeata and Pereskia grandifolia have been studied widely due to their high nutritional and therapeutic values. However, little is known about the biological requirements of their seeds forExpand
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Phenotypical, phytochemical and molecular characterization of "capim-carona" [Elionurus muticus (Spreng.) Kuntze] populations
Elionurus muticus naturally occurs in southern Brazil and its economic potential is due to the presence of essential oils. There are few studies about this genus. Thus, the aim of the present studyExpand
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Protein and mineral contents of native species, potential vegetables, and fruits
Recebido para publicação em 22/6/2007 Aceito para publicação em 22/1/2008 (002628) 1 Escola Agrotécnica Federal de Manaus – EAFM, Av. Cosme Ferreira, 8045, Bairro São José Operário, CEP 69083-000,Expand
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Effect of different liming levels on the biomass production and essential oil extraction yield of Cunila galioides Benth.
Poejo is an aromatic and medicinal plant native to highland areas of south Brazil, in acid soils with high Al3+ concentration. The main objective of the present work was to evaluate the effect ofExpand
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Chromosome Number Variability in the South American Medicinal Plant Maytenus ilicifolia Mart. ex Reiss (Celastraceae)
Chromosome numbers, meiotic behavior, meiotic indexes and pollen fertility are presented for the first time for the native medicinal plant Maytenus ilicifolia (espinheira-santa). IntraspecificExpand
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Genetic and cytogenetic structure of wild lemon grass (Elionurus muticus ) populations
Elionurus muticus is a native aromatic grass from the Pampa biome that produces an essential oil that is rich in citral. Despite the importance of citral, few studies have examined this species. TheExpand
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