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The removal of Jabba from Carnarvon in 2006 November
Ian Barnes, Brek Miller, and Barry Jackson visited Carnarvon late in 2006. Jabba was removed from the mount, the weather cabling was replaced, all the dome roolers were replaced, the cloud detectorExpand
Preservation of word processing documents
The proposed preservation strategy for word processing documents is based on a comparison of Preservation vs. access formats and case studies from ACS ePub, xPub and predecessors, as well as recommendations for future preservation strategies. Expand
Redesigning the Intermediate Course in Software Design
The attempt to improve the course by introducing homework tasks on design patterns did not improve the outcomes, but re-aligning the assessment with the objectives, and introducing a component on requirements specification, improved on most measures. Expand
Jabba is returned to Carnarvon in 2009 July
We visited Carnarvon from July 1 to 17. We put Jabba back on the mount. We also upgraded the computer from Fedora Core 5 to Fedora 10.
Why is programming so hard to learn?
Preliminary results of an ongoing study into the barriers to student learning in programming are presented, looking at students who have not previously been high achievers in the education system. Expand
Embedding Metadata and Other Semantics in Word Processing Documents
A technique for embedding document metadata, and potentially other semantic references inline in word processing documents, which the authors have implemented with the help of a software development team is described. Expand
Integrating the Repository with Academic Workflow
The History Atlas of Asia
Asia is the world's largest land mass from which sprang all of the major religions, and the continent to see the world's only nuclear war.