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Optimization of elastic properties and weaving patterns of woven composites
Abstract Predictions of geometric characteristics and elastic properties of patterns in woven fabric composites are proposed based on unit cells. This study addresses the optimization of the elasticExpand
A low cost nephelometric turbidity sensor for continual domestic water quality monitoring system
This paper focuses on the design and development of a low cost nephelometric turbidity sensor for the continuity of domestic monitoring of water quality. The electronic turbidity sensor operatesExpand
Extended finite element method for dynamic fracture of piezo-electric materials
We present an extended finite element formulation for dynamic fracture of piezo-electric materials. The method is developed in the context of linear elastic fracture mechanics. It is applied to modeExpand
The Effect of Rolling Direction to the Tensile Properties of AA5083 Specimen
Tensile tests are commonly used to provide information on the tensile properties of materials. However, limited tests have been done on the orientation angles of material for the same properties.Expand
Polyurethane Foams in Soil Stabilization: A Compressibility Effect
The use of polyurethane foam is so-called as a low cost technique in soil stabilization. The workable characteristic of polyurethane foam suits the construction needs which increase the strengthExpand
Strength characteristic of polyurethane with variation of polyol to isocyanate mix ratio : A numerical analysis
Based on numerical analysis, we determine the ideal mix ratio of polyol-isocyanate content that influence the strength characteristic of polyurethane foam subjected to axial loadings. This paperExpand
Evaluation of Stochastic Daily Rainfall Data Generation Models
In developing countries, data is usually a scarce resource as data collection is an expensive exercise. Therefore, analytical method is required to simulate the actual situations and provideExpand
The Mechanical Properties of HFRC under Elevated Temperature Exposure
This paper discusses the effect of exposure to elevated temperature on the mechanical properties of hybrid fibre reinforced concrete (HFRC). Literature review indicates that high strength concrete isExpand
This study elaborates on the destructive and non-destructive test methods in investigation of slope failure. Borehole method is the conventional destructive test method which commonly used toExpand