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Balancing hydropower and biodiversity in the Amazon, Congo, and Mekong
To achieve true sustainability, assessments of new projects must go beyond local impacts by accounting for synergies with existing dams, as well as land cover changes and likely climatic shifts, and call for more sophisticated and holistic hydropower planning.
Unsettling Experiences: Internal Resettlement and International Aid Agencies in Laos
A number of programmes and policies in Laos are promoting the internal resettlement of mostly indigenous ethnic minorities from remote highlands to lowland areas and along roads. Various
Transboundary Impact Assessment in the Sesan River Basin: The Case of the Yali Falls Dam
This case study of the Yali Falls Hydropower Dam in the Vietnamese portion of the Sesan River Basin demonstrates a range of institutional and political challenges encountered in the assessment of
Rubber and People : Rapid Agrarian Changes and Responses in Southern Laos
In recent years Laos has experienced rapid changes in land and resource use and tenure. Of those, the allocation of large-scale economic land concessions for rubber production has been amongst the
Turning Land into Capital, Turning People into Labor: Primitive Accumulation and the Arrival of Large-Scale Economic Land Concessions in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
In recent years the Lao government has provided many foreign investors with large-scale economic land concessions to develop plantations. These concessions have resulted in significant alterations of
The Global Land Grab Meta-Narrative, Asian Money Laundering and Elite Capture: Reconsidering the Cambodian Context
The dramatic expansion of large-scale economic land concessions and acquisitions in the Global South has generated considerable concern amongst activists, journalists and academics recently. This has
Khonc (pronounced "Kawn") Falls is the site of one of the most important wildcapture riverine fisheries in tropical Asia. Khone villagers have been fishing the area for generations, and have
Dolphin-Safe Tuna from California to Thailand: Localisms in Environmental Certification of Global Commodity Networks
This article analyzes the historical development of the United States–based dolphin-safe tuna campaign and associated labeling scheme in the early 1990s as a form of commodity network regulation.
Mekong River Fish Conservation Zones in Southern Laos: Assessing Effectiveness Using Local Ecological Knowledge
Assessment of village-managed FCZs in enhancing fish stocks in the mainstream Mekong River in Khong District, Champasak Province shows that integrated approaches to stock assessment that employ LEK and scientific fisheries management have considerable potential for improving Mekong capture-fisheries management.
  • I. Baird
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 June 2011
Plans are underway to construct twelve large hydropower projects on the un-dammed lower and middle mainstream Mekong River in Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. One of the planned projects is a 30–32