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Micellization and relaxation in solution with spherical micelles via the discrete Becker-Döring equations at different total surfactant concentrations.
A numerical description of micellization and relaxation to an aggregate equilibrium in surfactant solution with nonionic spherical micelles has been developed on the basis of a discrete form of theExpand
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Full-time kinetics of self-assembly and disassembly in micellar solution via the generalized Smoluchowski equation with fusion and fission of surfactant aggregates.
Full-time kinetics of self-assembly and disassembly of spherical micelles with their fusion and fission in non-ionic micellar solutions has been considered in detail on the basis of direct numericalExpand
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Kinetics of micellisation and relaxation of cylindrical micelles described by the difference Becker-Döring equation.
A numerical description of micellisation and relaxation to an aggregate equilibrium in a nonionic surfactant solution with spherical premicellar aggregates and stable polydisperse cylindricalExpand
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Kinetic modeling of self-aggregation in solutions with coexisting spherical and cylindrical micelles at arbitrary initial conditions
We have numerically studied the nonlinear dynamics of aggregation of surfactant monomers in a micellar solution. The study has been done on the basis of a discrete form of the Becker–Doring kineticExpand
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Improved kinetic description of fast relaxation of cylindrical micelles
Abstract On the basis of the linearized analytical and numerical kinetic description of stepwise aggregation of surfactant aggregates, the hierarchical relaxation times have been found for aExpand
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Multi-scale times and modes of fast and slow relaxation in solutions with coexisting spherical and cylindrical micelles according to the difference Becker-Döring kinetic equations.
The eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the matrix of coefficients of the linearized kinetic equations applied to aggregation in surfactant solution determine the full spectrum of characteristic timesExpand
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Kinetics of Aggregation and Relaxation in Micellar Surfactant Solutions
Theoretical results published in the last 17 years on the kinetics of aggregation and relaxation in micellar surfactant solutions have been reviewed. The results obtained by the analytical and directExpand
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The “fine structure” of the slow micellar relaxation mode and the aggregation rates in the range between a potential hump and well in the work of aggregation
An analytical expression has been derived for the quasi-stationary size distribution of surfactant aggregates in a micellar system approaching the final equilibrium state. In contrast to previouslyExpand
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Analytical description of molecular mechanism of fast relaxation of spherical micelles with the extended Becker–Döring differential equation
Abstract To improve and expand kinetic analysis of fast relaxation (via attachments and detachments of surfactant molecules) in an ensemble of spherical micelles in surfactant solutions, a generalExpand
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Numerical Solution of Generalized Smoluchowski Equations for Cylindrical Micelles
The relaxation kinetics of polydisperse cylindrical micelles has been numerically studied under different initial conditions corresponding to fast concentration and dilution of a surfactant solution.Expand
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