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A new metabolite of diclofenac sodium in human plasma.
1. Among the phenolic metabolites of diclofenac in human plasma, an unknown compound (metabolite VI) was detected by h.p.l.c. and g.c. methods. This was also found in baboon plasma. 2. Metabolite VIExpand
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A sulphonamido-indanone derivative CGP 28237 (ZK 34228), a novel non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent without gastro-intestinal ulcerogenicity in rats.
CGP 28237 (5-methylsulphonylamino-6-phenoxy-1-indanone) belongs to a series of structurally novel indanones. The compound is a weak acid (pK = 6.98), but it does not contain a carboxylic group. CGPExpand
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Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories--XII. Mode of action of anti-inflammatory methane sulfonanilides.
The influence of anti-inflammatory methane sulfonanilides on the arachidonic acid metabolism in ram seminal vesicle homogenate depends on the pK3 of the individual substance: more acidic compoundsExpand
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Pharmacology of diclofenac sodium.
Diclofenac sodium is the active ingredient in Voltaren, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug designed by selection of appropriate physicochemical and steric properties. Its pharmacologic activity,Expand
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Continuous production of monoclonal mouse IgE antibodies with known allergenic specificity by a hybrid cell line
SINCE the identification of IgE antibodies as mediators of allergic reactions by Ishizaka et al.1 extensive work has been done to purify this new type of immunoglobulin from the serum of allergicExpand
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Characterization and isolation of IgE class-specific suppressor factor (IgE-TsF) I. The presence of the binding site(s) for IgE and of the H-2 gene products in IgE-TsF.
IgE-specific reverse plaque assay for the direct comparison of the IgE and IgG antibody responses was established and the method was employed for the assessment of the activity of IgE class-specificExpand
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Production of monoclonal mouse IgE antibodies with DNP specificity by hybrid cell lines.
IgE anti-DNP antibody-secreting hybridomas were obtained by polyethylene glycol fusion of murine myeloma cells with spleen cells from mice, primed with DNP-KLH and challenged with DNP-NippostrongylusExpand
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Cloning of mouse immunoglobulin epsilon gene and its location within the heavy chain gene cluster.
Mouse immunoglobulin epsilon chain gene was cloned from DNA of a hybridoma producing anti-dinitrophenyl IgE, which was constructed by fusing a spleen cell of a BALB/c mouse with a variant clone ofExpand
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The enumeration of mouse IgE‐secreting cells using plaque‐forming cell assays
With the aid of a specific rabbit antibody preparation to purified monoclonal murine IgE, two plaque‐forming cell (PFC) assays have been developed for the detection and enumeration of mouseExpand
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