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'Staying Within the Fence': Lifestyle Entrepreneurship in Tourism
Lifestyle, non-economic motives have been recognised as significant stimuli for tourism entrepreneurship and growth of the small-business sector. Tourism research, to date, has focused on theExpand
Tourism, economic development and the global-local nexus: Theory embracing complexity
In this paper we review the complex links that exist between the tourism industry and processes of economic development. A brief overview of the industry's economic role at the international andExpand
HOPEFUL TOURISM A New Transformative Perspective
This paper makes a philosophical and ontological contribution to tourism knowl- edge. It discusses emergent perspectives and paradigms, identifies major omissions in tourism knowledge and challengesExpand
Circuits of tourism: Stepping beyond the 'production/consumption' dichotomy
The current blurring of the boundaries between economic and cultural geog raphies raises many issues within the geographical study of tourism. This paper addresses the crucial question of the valueExpand
Getting ‘Entangled’: Reflexivity and the ‘Critical Turn’ in Tourism Studies
Reflecting a broader postmodern shift to unmask the cultural politics of research and knowledge-making in academia, tourism studies as a field is demonstrating a notable ‘critical turn’—a shift inExpand
Representing New Zealand: Tourism Imagery and Ideology
Abstract The identities of destinations around the world are endlessly reinvented as marketing creates powerful social and cultural representations of place. This paper contrasts a series ofExpand
The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies: Innovative Research Methodologies
Editors' introduction: Promoting an Academy of Hope (Irena Ateljevic, Nigel Morgan, Annette Pritchard) Part 1 The critical school of tourism studies: Crafting the epistemological grounds De-centringExpand