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N-N2 state to state vibrational-relaxation and dissociation rates based on quasiclassical calculations
Abstract A complete set of V–T (vibration–translation) relaxation rates and of dissociation coefficients for the system O–O2 have been obtained by using quasiclassical trajectories on the VarandasExpand
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State-to-state models for CO2 molecules: From the theory to an application to hypersonic boundary layers
Abstract State-to-state vibrational kinetics and transport models of a mixture containing triatomic CO2 molecules are developed. The models are implemented into a hypersonic boundary layer solverExpand
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Vibrationally Relaxing Flow of N 2 past an Iné nite Cylinder
The results of a numerical study aimed to verify the accuracy of the thermodynamic models based on the Boltzmann distribution in the hypersonic regime and to detect discrepancies, if any, with theExpand
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Reduction of State-to-State Kinetics to Macroscopic Models in Hypersonic Flows
The state-to-state chemical kinetic model, which considers a kinetic equation for each vibrational state of diatomic molecules, has been applied to some supersonic flow regimes and in particular inExpand
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Reactive, Inelastic, and Dissociation Processes in Collisions of Atomic Oxygen with Molecular Nitrogen.
We report the results of detailed calculations of reactive, inelastic, and dissociative processes in collisions of atomic oxygen with molecular nitrogen in their respective electronic ground states.Expand
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Nonequilibrium vibrational kinetics in the boundary layer of re-entering bodies
Nonequilibrium vibrational distributions of N2 in the boundary layer surrounding a blunt body in hypersonic flow have been calculated by coupling the nonequilibrium vibrational kinetics, theExpand
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Atomic and molecular data for spacecraft re-entry plasmas
The modeling of atmospheric gas, interacting with the space vehicles in re-entry conditions in planetary exploration missions, requires a large set of scattering data for all those elementaryExpand
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Deactivation dynamics of vibrationally excited nitrogen molecules by nitrogen atoms. Effects on non-equilibrium vibrational distribution and dissociation rates of nitrogen under electrical discharges
Abstract The non-equilibrium vibrational distribution and the dissociation kinetics of N2 in electrical discharges has been calculated by solving an appropriate vibrational master equation. AttentionExpand
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The effect of N+N2 collisions on the non-equilibrium vibrational distributions of nitrogen under reentry conditions
Abstract Global (reactive+non-reactive) quasiclassical state-specific rate coefficients for the vibrational excitation and deexcitation of nitrogen molecules by collision with nitrogen atoms haveExpand
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