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Snow on Antarctic sea ice
Snow on Antarctic sea ice plays a complex and highly variable role in air-sea-ice interaction processes and the Earth's climate system. Using data collected mostly during the past 10 years, thisExpand
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East Antarctic sea ice: Albedo, thickness distribution, and snow cover
Characteristics of springtime sea ice off East Antarctica were investigated during a cruise of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition in October through December 1988. The fractionalExpand
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Mass balance of the Lambert Glacier–Amery Ice Shelf system, East Antarctica: a comparison of computed balance fluxes and measured fluxes
Abstract We combine European Remote-sensing Satellite (ERS-1) radar altimeter surface elevations (Fricker and others, 2000) with six different accumulation distributions to compute balance fluxes forExpand
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Effects of regional fast-ice and iceberg distributions on the behaviour of the Mertz Glacier polynya, East Antarctica
Abstract An observational account of research carried out in July-August 1999 shows that grounded iceberg and related fast-ice distributions, and periodic "break-outs" of fast ice (in winter as wellExpand
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Distribution of marine ice beneath the Amery Ice Shelf
We present a map of the marine ice accreted to the base of the Amery Ice Shelf (AIS), East Antarctica. This map is obtained by converting a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the AIS generated fromExpand
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The pattern and variability of Antarctic sea-ice drift in the Indian Ocean and western Pacific sectors
Sea-ice drift physically redistributes pack ice and changes ice extent, concentration, and, through deformation, the ice-thickness distribution. In this paper, data are presented from 39Expand
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Sea-ice growth and water-mass modification in the Mertz Glacier polynya, East Antarctica, during winter
Abstract In July-September 1999, an extensive oceanographic survey (87 conductivity-, temperature-and depth-measuring stations) was conducted in the Mertz Glacier polynya over the Adélie DepressionExpand
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Iceberg calving from the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica
Abstract We investigate the iceberg-calving cycle of the Amery Ice Shelf (AIS), East Antarctica, using evidence acquired between 1936 and 2000. The most recent major iceberg-calving event occurredExpand
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Redefinition of the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica, grounding zone
[1] New evidence is presented which shows that the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica, extends ∼240 km upstream of the previously reported position. We combine a digital elevation model of the AmeryExpand
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