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Positive solutions for ratio-dependent predator–prey interaction systems
Abstract In this paper, we study the dynamics of predator–prey interaction systems between two species with ratio-dependent functional responses. First we provide sufficient and necessary conditionsExpand
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The spreading fronts of an infective environment in a man-environment-man epidemic model
A reaction-diffusion model is investigated to understand infective environments in a man-environment-man epidemic model. The free boundary is introduced to describe the expanding front of anExpand
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Coexistence theorem of steady states for nonlinear self-cross diffusion systems with competitive dynamics
In this paper, we discuss the existence of positive solutions to certain nonlinear elliptic systems representing competitive interaction with self-cross diffusions between two species. The methodExpand
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Results are obtained on the existence of positive solutions to the following elliptic system: in a bounded region Ω in R n with a smooth boundary, where the diffusion terms φ ψ are non-negativeExpand
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A diffusive one-prey and two-competing-predator system with a ratio-dependent functional response: I, long time behavior and stability of equilibria
Abstract We study a ratio-dependent reaction–diffusion system incorporating one prey and two competing predator species under homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. In this paper, we examine theExpand
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A diffusive one-prey and two-competing-predator system with a ratio-dependent functional response: II stationary pattern formation
Abstract This paper is a continuation of Ko and Ahn (2013) [1] , which investigates the stability at all non-negative equilibria and long time behavior of solutions for a ratio-dependentExpand
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Drug scheduling of cancer chemotherapy based on natural actor-critic approach
We study the applicability of the NAC (natural actor-critic) approach, a state-of-the-art reinforcement learning method, to the drug scheduling of cancer chemotherapy for an ODE (ordinary differential equation)-based tumor growth model. Expand
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Dynamics of a simple food chain model with a ratio-dependent functional response
Abstract This paper considers a diffusive ratio-dependent simple food chain model. The sufficient conditions for the existence and non-existence of coexistence states are provided. In addition, thisExpand
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Analysis of ratio-dependent food chain model
Abstract In this paper, a food chain model with ratio-dependent functional response is studied under homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. The large time behavior of all non-negative equilibria inExpand
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Investigation of the C-SEIRA model for controlling malicious code infection in computer networks
We propose the controlled susceptible-exposed-infectious-removed-antidotal (C-SEIRA) model, an epidemiological population model describing the state transitions of a computer network under malicious code infection. Expand
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