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Lignans and other constituents from Carissa edulis
Abstract The methanolic extract from the root of Carissa edulis contains ca 5% lignans, the main compounds among them being (−)-nortrachelogenin, carinol and the hitherto unknown carissanol.
Education in Ghana
Terpenoids and flavonoids of Bridelia ferruginea
Abstract The terpenoid and flavonoid constituents of the hitherto unexamined medicinal plant Bridelia ferruginea are reported. Quercetin, quercetin 3-glucoside, rutin, myricetin 3-glucoside andExpand
Evaluation of the Quality of Artemisinin-Based Antimalarial Medicines Distributed in Ghana and Togo
There was little difference between the medicine quality of collections from border towns and those from inland parts of both countries, and there was a good correlation between the HPLC and SQ-TLC assays. Expand
WHO Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations.
The monographs on antiretrovirals proposed for inclusion in The International Pharmacopoeia and specifications for radiopharmaceuticals, quality specifications for antituberculosis drugs and the revision of the monograph on artemisinin derivatives are discussed. Expand
The dichapetalins—A new class of triterpenoids
The isolation and structure elucidation by spectroscopic methods of dichapetalins B-H from the roots of DichapetAlum madagascariense constitute a novel class of triterpenoids. Expand
Isoflavones and coumarins from Milletia thonningii
Abstract From the root wood and the pods of Milletia thonningii six isoflavones and a novel coumarin were isolated. They are alpiniumisoflavone and the 5- O -methyl, O , O -dimethyl, 3′-hydroxy-4′- OExpand
Dichapetalin A, A Novel Plant Constituent from Dichapetalum madagascariense With Potential Antineoplastic Activity
Abstract From the roots of Dichapetalum madagascariense (Dichapetalaceae) dichapetalin A, a plant constituent with a new basic skeleton, has been isolated. Its structure was elucidated byExpand