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Marine Algae of California
This is the first complete systematic treatment of the marine algae (seaweeds) of California and is a truly superb guide to the marine benthic algae of the entire California coast. Expand
Taxonomy of economic seaweeds : with reference to some Pacific and Caribbean species
This work focuses on four economically important seaweeds that have warm-water representatives because the useful temperate algae are fairly well known and do not have taxonomic or nomenclatural problems that approach those in the tropics. Expand
La'au Hawai'i: Traditional Hawaiian Uses of Plants
This classic, award-winning book provides the first comprehensive description of Hawaiian traditions of plant use. Topics include not only food, but clothing, cordage, shelter, canoes, tools,Expand
An Overview of Marine Biodiversity in United States Waters
As data are compiled, techniques must be developed to make certain that scales are compatible, to combine and reconcile data collected for various purposes with disparate gear, and to automate taxonomic changes. Expand
Distribution, abundance and food of sea urchins of a leeward Hawaiian reef
Etude de la repartition,de l'abondance et du regime alimentaire de 9 especes d'oursins d'un recif sous le vent a Hawai en relation avec la repartition des algues et l'habitat dans le but d'expliquerExpand
New species, observations, and a list of new records of brown algae (Phaeophyceae) from the Hawaiian Islands
Two new species of brown algae (Phaeophyceae) are described from the Hawaiian Islands and a comparison with some Japanese species of Padina confirms that Padina japonica Yamada should be subsumed with Padina sanctae‐crucis Børgesen, as proposed earlier. Expand