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Three-year survival of single- and two-surface ART restorations in a high-caries child population
The results show extremely low survival rates for single- and two-surface ART restorations in the primary and permanent dentitions of children from a high-caries population, in a field setting in the rainforest of Suriname, South America. Expand
Dental age in Dutch children.
Tables were produced which transfer the maturity scores calculated by the method of Demirjian into Dutch dental age and indicated that the logistic curve was appropriate for use with Dutch children. Expand
Self-report measurements of dental anxiety and fear in children: a critical assessment.
It is concluded that of the self-report measurements, the Children's Fear Survey Schedule-Dental Subscale (CFSS-DS) is to be preferred to both Corah's Dental Anxiety Scale (DAS) and the Venham Picture Test (VPT). Expand
What are people afraid of during dental treatment? Anxiety-provoking capacity of 67 stimuli characteristic of the dental setting.
The present findings support the need for assessment procedures using a broad spectrum of potentially anxiety-provoking stimuli, and suggest that invasive stimuli were rated as the most anxiety provoking and non-invasive stimuli were the least anxiety provoking. Expand
Reliability and validity of the short version of the Dental Anxiety Inventory.
  • I. Aartman
  • Medicine
  • Community dentistry and oral epidemiology
  • 1 October 1998
It was concluded that the S-DAI is easy to administer in general dental practices and dental fear clinics and has satisfactory psychometric qualities. Expand
Dental enamel defects in children with coeliac disease.
This study showed significantly more specific enamel defects in Dutch children with coeliac disease as compared with children in the control group, suggesting that Dentists could play an important role in recognizing patients with coleiac disease. Expand
Long-term changes in graft height after maxillary sinus floor elevation with different grafting materials: radiographic evaluation with a minimum follow-up of 4.5 years.
Both beta-TCP and mandibular bone grafts resulted in radiographic reduction of the vertical height over the 5-year period following maxillary sinus floor elevation, with no significant differences observed between the two types of grafting material. Expand
The Level of Exposure-Dental Experiences Questionnaire (LOE-DEQ): a measure of severity of exposure to distressing dental events.
It is concluded that the LOE-DEQ is a useful tool for assessing patients' background in terms of previous exposure to distressing dental events, which is considered a vulnerability factor in the development of dental anxiety. Expand
Psychological characteristics of patients applying for treatment in a dental fear clinic.
The results indicate that patients who apply for treatment at a dental fear clinic are not just dentally anxious; they show complaints on a wide range of other psychological dimensions. Expand
Validity of scoring caries and primary molar hypomineralization (DMH) on intraoral photographs
It was concluded that the sensitivity, specificity and the likelihood ratio of scoring caries and DMH on photographs made with an intraoral camera were good and suggest that intraoral photographs may be used in clinical practice and large epidemiological studies. Expand