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Preparation of novel ring-A fused azole derivatives of betulin and evaluation of their cytotoxicity.
An efficient scheme to synthesize novel ring-A fused heterocyclic derivatives of betulin was developed. The starting reaction of this synthesis was one-pot selective bacterial oxidation of betulin toExpand
Triterpenoids with a Five-Membered a-Ring: Distribution in Nature, Transformations, Synthesis, and Biological Activity
The literature on the distribution in nature, structural variations, isolation, identification, and biosynthesis issues of triterpenoids with a five-membered A-ring was reviewed. The principal trendsExpand
Functionalization, cyclization and antiviral activity of A-secotriterpenoids.
Triterpene derivatives with an α,β-alkenenitrile moiety in the five-membered ring A have been synthesized by nitrile anion cyclizations of 1-cyano-2,3-secotriterpenoids. Oxime-containing precursors,Expand
Synthesis, transformation and biological evaluation of 2,3-secotriterpene acetylhydrazones and their derivatives.
It has been previously shown that semi-synthetic A-secotriterpene acetylhydrazones of 1-cyano-28-methoxy-28-oxo-2,3-seco-2-norlup-20(29)-en-3-al andExpand
Synthesis of lupane and 19β,28-epoxy-18α-oleanane 2,3-seco-derivatives based on betulin
The α-hydroxyoximes of methyl betulonate and allobetulone were synthesized. Beckmann fragmentation of them produced the lupane and 19β,28-epoxy-18α-oleanane 2,3-seco-derivatives.
A Comparative Study of the Antimicrobial Activity of Some Quinoxalines, 1,4-Benzoxazines, and Aza-Analogs
It was reported that (Z )-3-phenacylidene-1,2,3,4tetrahydro-2-quinoxalones and (Z )-3-phenacylidene-3,4dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-ones [1, 2] possess antiinflamatory [2, 3], antitumor, andExpand
Synthesis of A-Pentacyclic Triterpene α,β-Alkenenitriles
A-seco-triterpenoids with a methylketone group were synthesized from epimeric 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-1-cyano-2,3-seco-triterpenoids of the lupane and 19β,28-epoxy-18αH-oleanane types, which were formedExpand
Synthesis and biological activity of nitrogen-containing derivatives of methyl dehydroabietate
The biological activity of a series of new amino derivatives of dehydroabietic acid has been studied. 12-N,N-Diethylaminoacetyl-8,11,13-abietatrien-18-oate hydrochloride produces a calming effect,Expand
Synthesis of Triterpene A-Condensed Azoles
Lupane and 18αH-oleanane α-hydroximino ketones were used to synthesize derivatives condensed at ring A with a substituted azole fragment, namely, C(2)–C(3)-fused oxazoles and 1,2,3-triazoles.Expand
Synthesis and biological activity of mono- and diamides of 2,3-secotriterpene acids
Amides of four types were synthesized derived from 2,3-seco-18αH-oleanane and 2,3-secolupane mono- and dicarboxylic acids. The spectrum of diamide derivatives was expanded with C3-C3′ and C28-C28′Expand