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The B chromosomes of the African cichlid fish Haplochromis obliquidens harbour 18S rRNA gene copies
BackgroundDiverse plant and animal species have B chromosomes, also known as accessory, extra or supernumerary chromosomes. Despite being widely distributed among different taxa, the genomic natureExpand
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A tandemly repetitive centromeric DNA sequence of the fish Hoplias malabaricus (Characiformes: Erythrinidae) is derived from 5S rDNA
A substantial fraction of the eukaryotic genome consists of repetitive DNA sequences that include satellites, minisatellites, microsatellites, and transposable elements. Although extensively studiedExpand
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Chromosome differentiation patterns during cichlid fish evolution
Background: Cichlid fishes have been the subject of increasing scientific interest because of their rapid adaptive radiation which has led to an extensive ecological diversity and their enormousExpand
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Cytogenetic Mapping of the Retroelements Rex1, Rex3 and Rex6 among Cichlid Fish: New Insights on the Chromosomal Distribution of Transposable Elements
To enhance our understanding of the organization of the genome and chromosome evolution of cichlid fish species, we have isolated and physically mapped onto the chromosomes the transposable elementsExpand
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Physical chromosome mapping of repetitive DNA sequences in Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus: evidences for a differential distribution of repetitive elements in the sex chromosomes.
Repetitive DNAs have been extensively applied as physical chromosome markers on comparative studies, identification of chromosome rearrangements and sex chromosomes, chromosome evolution analysis,Expand
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Cytogenetic analysis of three species of the genus Haemulon (Teleostei: Haemulinae) from Margarita Island, Venezuela
This paper describes the karyotype analysis of Haemulon aurolineatum, Haemulon bonariensis and Haemulon plumierii, by Giemsa staining, C-banding, Ag-staining and fluorescent in situ hybridizationExpand
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Extensive polymorphism and chromosomal characteristics of ribosomal DNA in the characid fish Triportheus venezuelensis (Characiformes, Characidae)
The karyotype and chromosomal characteristics of the characid fish Triportheus venezuelensis were investigated using differential staining techniques (C-banding, Ag-NOR staining) and fluorescent inExpand
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The B chromosome of the cichlid fish Haplochromis obliquidens harbors 18S rRNA genes
After the publication of our work [1], we detected that the species focus of the study, Astatotilapia latifasciata (Figure 1), was erroneously identified as Haplochromis obliquidens. This species wasExpand
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Comparative chromosome mapping of 5S rDNA and 5SHindIII repetitive sequences in Erythrinidae fishes (Characiformes) with emphasis on the Hoplias malabaricus ‘species complex’
Chromosomal localization of 5S rDNA and 5SHindIII repetitive sequences was carried out in several representatives of the Erythrinidae family, namely in karyomorphs A, D, and F of Hoplias malabaricus,Expand
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